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Tanya Arora is hailing from Silver city Cuttack, Odisha. Tanya Arora, who keeps her thoughts of giving everyone. As she thinks, there is nothing more significant than the act of giving. Her schooling was completed at one of the finest institutes  “DAV PUBLIC SCHOOL” in Cuttack. She is in her young age of beauty and is pursuing engineering with computer science at GITA ENGINEERING COLLEGE. As for her love for engineering, she tries little techniques and ideas on her website. From her childhood days, she was well involved and interested in dancing till today she can’t stop herself from wiggle waggle in the beats.
People appreciate and praise her for her eagerness and curiosity to know more or new things. As she believes you won’t be called small if you asked something you don’t know instead you are updating yourself with the flow.
Tanya Arora is an altruist to understand the gravity of situations, a bird for nature, a philosopher for every ailment, and a believer of holy Guru Granth Sahib Ji. As for her going to Gurudwara isn’t worshipping God rather she says for her that place is a school where she removes out the negativity gathered from earth to spread the positivity wherever she stands. She believes that nothing in this world can destroy you more than your thoughts. So keep your thoughts pure for everyone in this world. Before being cruel or rude understand how much it would hurt someone if that was you. With all these she is known to be a heart of a child and a woman with a brain. She is a voracious reader, a writer, a poet, an open mic speaker, an organiser, a storyteller and a published author. She started writing at the age of 13. Her pen always tries to weave every detail she glances around her. She tries to develop her writing skills by being more in touch with reality. For all her creations she thanks her Miracle Man “SatyakamMohapatra” for it. Her passion would have turned to ashes when she got flames from him to start everything being energetic.
She believes that there is nothing better than being a daughter who would be a replica of her mother, a Princess every father adores, a sister as a role model for her growing brother and a human being for every creation of God.
She dreams to share the positivity and beauty of her persona wherever she goes. Just not this, she tries to spend every minute of her life doing great in life irrespective of being rewarded.


The outstanding performance of Elaichi
The outstanding performance of Je T’aime
The outstanding performance of Maples
Outstanding performance of September series
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Influential women of 2020 by the spirits mania
Rising star award by PWP

Featured in three amazing newspapersDawithare the years we get a year in our hand we unwrap it with wishes and best of luck. But never know what will happen the next day. We never know who will teach us what? Where we would be when we are flowing with the trails of life. And in those streets of memory lane we don’t need long conversations or paragraphs for healing us. What we need is just few words which would make us move with the similar things and new us. Though I don’t know who will take my words relatable and where. After my success over a short book of liners I thought of writing something which shouldn’t be optional as it was. As earlier I always want everyone to read my books. Earlier when I use to writing long stories and poems. I realized that’s something I wrote for myself. But let’s work together so that I can make a bit reachable to everyone. In this era were a group of just few people love reading books and rest are happy reading post. I want everyone to hold this.

About Phases of Love Book

An extremely heart-wrenching book with a collection of more than 200 short tales with millions of emotions enmeshed in it.
From a journey of meeting for the first time building space for each other sharing precious moments, learning to love each other with deep scars and silent soul, realising the spaces they create with smiles and fun. Then suddenly a truth knocks on the door that isn’t necessary that the love would reach the right window for the indistinguishable sunrise and sunset. This book depicts all about a proper fairy tale in this era.
More about the overlook of the book with me not being a voracious reader. It was a difficult task for me to start reading the book. But the cover attracted me to buy this book. Like how much I can imagine at my first glance it held me to capture it through my eyes. Telling more about the cover I got driven away by the shapes of the moon and then I turned the book the back cover defines more than we could analyse through our understanding.
Many times my eyes stop at any random page and it proves to be worthy enough.
The lines I liked the most from this book

“You are like my moon
For all dark nights”
“One day
I will die
With my fear of never losing you”
“I love you
Even after the taunts
With those scars
Cold fights
Soft kiss
Your world still yours
But my world holds you”.

Why does Tanya Arora love reading books?

Books are the best companion. No doubt about this statement. A book is counted among the non living things. But it gives senses to living beings. No man in this world is rich without books. A book not only provides us with knowledge and riches of life. But it also gives us shape, a place in society and all above it a different kind of peace. One who understands the impression and depth of the book understands the real value of life. Reading a book is like reading something which you don’t know,  grasping knowledge. Sometimes you never know when and where the book will hit you. Some books tell about those subjects, some about what’s going on, some on fantasies, some on reality, some biographies and each book is different in its way. As well known to be a  companion who lifts us. That’s what the book does. The fresh example of it is a lawyer; all his companions are that testimony which he keeps and uses. Even all the questions all the answers are themselves in a book. A book will never let you in trouble rather solve all your problems. It’s well said to have a glance at books if you don’t feel to explain, don’t get disturbed when they have no clue. A book allows you to get chosen according to your mood, your way. It even keeps that guts to turn you to smile. No one is well known for understanding you. That’s only the books on the shelf who would explain those things which you kept inside. It gives you words to speak out those appropriate lines which one wants to pipe up. Ebooks are also books but the website where only information is uploaded can only bring you up with few headlines and a book provides its a chasm.

“A book is like hands who hold you when you are alone,
A light to keep you away from darkness,
A rain which brings a rainbow,
A friend who waits for you,
A companion who never leaves you.”


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