Make Way For DJ Harj Matharu, The Name That Pops Up At Every Event And Club In The UK.

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It is incredible to learn and know about all those people and professionals across fields and sectors of the world who put their all into their quest to reach a certain position in their chosen industries. Knowing more about them indeed fills one’s heart with more positivity, motivation, and hope and ultimately inspires them to believe in their dreams and take over their respective industries or all those things they desire to do in life. Doing that in music could get a bit more challenging, looking at the saturation and competition that there has always been in the sector, but can these things ever stop a person with strong self-belief and determination? asks one such driven and high-performing music professional and DJ named DJ Harj Matharu.

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DJ Harj Matharu is an Indian talent who has been making people sway to his beats and remixes around clubs and events and truly emerging as a star who owns the stage, such as the magic and the vibe he creates with each of his projects, which has led him to create a swift rise for himself in the DJing world. Having had the vision to be a part of the music world ever since he could remember, he says that life indeed gave him incredible opportunities to prove his mettle, and the kind of love and plaudits he received from his audiences also encouraged him to take multiple strides in his career as a musical talent.

Recalling his early days, DJ Harj Matharu says that he began by playing the Dhol, and since then, the passion for music in his heart only kept growing, which took him towards establishing his name around the UK with other renowned DJs and artists. He even tried his hands in other areas of Asian music and made mixtapes and remixes, which later gave him exceptional online plays. This turned him into the brand that he is in the music scene today. From Bhangra to Deep House, he aced the game in all genres, which also got him signed with Apna DJs in Leeds, and now he has been winning hearts by playing exclusively for Kudos Music.

You can’t miss knowing more about him, so do visit his website, https://djharjmatharu.com/, or follow him on Instagram, @harjmatharu_


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