From a Hustler to a Successful Entrepreneur, the Journey of Jacky Chou

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Honesty, hard work, perseverance, and dedication – it’s hard to come across a business owner who has all the four qualities, but Jacky Chou is an exception. Jacky says that he had inherited these traits from his parents. He and his family were first-generation immigrants from Taiwan who settled down in Canada. So while most of his friends played football and video games, Jacky learned how to read and write Chinese and play the piano.

Jacky’s responsibility towards his family

When asked about whether the rigid upbringing frustrated Jacky as a teenager or not, he said, “Never. On the contrary, I think that it helped me become a better person. My parents were hardworking and honest, and they told me that whatever I do in life, I shouldn’t resort to illegal ways to make money. Did I feel bored playing the piano or learning Chinese? Well, not so much because I had my full concentration in both, and that helped me keep my mind off of other activities that children of my age would usually do. I enjoyed learning Chinese and playing the piano.”

He even said that his dedicated focus on taking up the responsibility of his family made him excel at drop shipping and digital marketing. Jacky knew that his parents depended on him, and he would need to do something that would make them lead a comfortable life. 

Shifting his career

Although Jacky has a B.A.Sc. degree, power systems never really intrigued him. So instead, he decided to make money online and look for different opportunities within this industry. Jacky became an intern in a digital marketing agency and learned his way to the top as destiny would have it. He became the marketing director of the same company in less than two years. But Jacky didn’t want to limit his success after becoming the marketing director. Instead, he wanted to start his own company.

He got in touch with an SEO expert, Evan Roberts, who later became his business mentor. Jacky consulted with Evan to figure out a niche that would work in his favor. It wasn’t long before he started his dropshipping business that sold home decor items. Next, he put his focus on how to make his investments work. 

His hard work and perseverance made him a digital marketing expert, and he soon started an online marketing agency. Jacky used job applications for various positions he thought he was overqualified for. Later, he would email his sales pitches to those companies and turn them into his clients. He was always on the lookout for ideas that would help his business compete with the big names in the industry.

Like most business owners, Jacky too made mistakes, but he quickly learned his lesson. As his experience grew, he started two more companies doing equally well as his other companies. It shows how his stint at drop shipping and digital marketing made him a successful entrepreneur during his university days.

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