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Writer Ananya Singh titled as “Ms.Glaring” In Feminarc Awards by AwardsArc

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Exploring fields are not a cup of tea for people, but our awardee is on her mission to explore maximum things. Opening a voice towards society through words is something she liked the most. Ananya’s strength towards her self and the will to become something for a good cause has led to be an Awadree of Feminarc Awards.AwardsArc titled her “Ms. Glaring for her willing personality and a constructive approach towards life. She is the Daughter of MR. RAJENDRA SINGH & MRS. RAJNI SINGH basically belongs from the state of historical Rajasthan. She is mostly familiar as ‘Miss Shayara’ among her readers and loved to gel up with words. She is a Graduate student and currently doing her masters in Zoology.She is a writer by passion and a student aspiring for Civil Services by Profession. She has compiled 5+books and have been a co- Author in 20+ Anthologies. Her clarity of thoughts are very clear about her personal life and she feels, exploring alot of more categories, grows you more. A follower of Woman Empowerment by heart, she was asked, What is Woman Empowerment as per you? She answered beautifully by saying, Woman empowerment is to promote woman’s sense of self-worth, ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others. But despite a great deal of progress, women and girls continue to face discrimination and violence in every part of the world.Which is but obviously a sad part, but she feel a change is needed to cure all this and in near future she wishes to be an epitome of the same. Achievements are special to people, so that to her, she is an OMG BOOK of National Record Holder for her anthology which she got some time back. She is also a Nominee of Ne8x litfest 2020. Other than records, she has also been a face of many awards, her thoughts are unstoppable and so her. She has been an Awardee by She Awards 2021, Most deserving Award 2021, Warrior of change 2021, Prestigious Literary Award 2021, Golden Arc Award 2021, Feminarc Awards 2021 by AwardsArc and an Awadree of Applause Awards 2021.She also got featured in Taare Zameen Par National Magazine, a national magazine and Youthmania Magazine and also had an Author Interview in Vibgyor E-magazine in june edition 2021. She has also been a part of an international magazine – Classico Magazine. She has written a book name, “Mere Ansh”, which is a collection of write ups written by her. Words are like energy drinks for her and something which gives her energy to prosper more in life.Writing for her is a manifestation of interpretation of the world and its essence.She is selected as an awardee for her kind heart and love for helping people. As per her, she has earned people’s love and fame from writing and we are proud to have an awardee like that. We might see Ananya Singh as an epitome of voices for Social Issues.


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