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SquadOut’s Virtual Music Festival in September

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Trevor Dass, prominently known as SquadOut, is a 23-year-old DJ producer from Nagpur, Maharashtra who never lacks behind to surprise his fans; this time, along with his artist friends, he has decided to marshal out his first ‘virtual music festival’ in the month of September. Yeah, you heard that right!

This virtual edition will feature phenomenal artists such as 2Threads, 5 AM, AViN, AUXIN, SNI, BASSCTRL, Jack # Hash, and Crocker-Harris. This live stream will take place on the 1st 2 weekends ( 4th, 5th, and 11th, 12th ) of September 2021. The virtual edition will contain standard festival elements like Promotion, visuals, and mind-blowing performances.

The Idea behind this festival according to SquadOut! Is to bring in talents from all over the country to perform virtually since his Artist friends haven’t played a gig in ages. Thankfully YouTube has been a medium to broadcast it to everyone out there. Isn’t it cool? Attending a virtual festival at home with the best talents in the country that too on a weekend when you literally and desperately crave for a party.

Why are we doing this? Because the majority of my friends you can say 90% of them have had zero gigs to play. It isn’t easy to play zero gigs in almost 2 years. Also, the main motive was to bring in energetic lads in the scene who Don’t get opportunities since they don’t know how to approach club managers, Promoters, Artists, and so on. The festival will be a confidence and Morale booster for all the young talents.

We’re trying to make the festival look as professional as possible. Top-notch graphics, top-notch visuals for the sets as well as some really good track mixing all this will be done under the watchful eyes of Sam Mayekar, ½ of 2Threadz.

We’ve partnered with a few sponsors who wish to help us with promoting as well as for Social media coverage. Those Prominent organizations are FeelQ Recordings, Smashers Entertainment, Dogme95 Productions, VOIZER, And Just Bake Cakes & Coffee Shop.

The support that is incoming is Tremendous and Unbelievable. All the artists are giving out their 100% No matter what the weather conditions are. They’ve been pushing their limits to the next level and delivering out unbelievable results. All this will be worth the efforts everyone has been taking and worth every day that is passing.

Hold your breath and fasten yourselves for the biggest and the most electrifying ‘VIRTUAL MUSIC FESTIVAL’.

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