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An entrepreneur is a person who creates a new business. A good entrepreneur is the one who never hesitates to take risk for his business. He is the person who is amazing planner, is passionate, is business savvy, is confident, is always alert, is a great money manager and most importantly is fearless and never gives up at any cost. An entrepreneur is blessed with creativity, professionalism, passion, knowledge, social skills. Now a days there are many entrepreneurs in the market but there are very few who are actually focused, organised, humble, tenacious attentive, involved, flexible, decisive, credible and positive.

Mazayah Legend Andrew

Now a days there is a huge competition going on, in the field of entrepreneurship. One of the successful, brilliant and absolutely amazing entrepreneur is Mazayah Legend Andrew. He was born on 14th October 1984 and was grew up in Boynton Beach, Florida. He is one of the victorious entrepreneurs who managed to take his business to net worth to $3.9 million which is commendable. He started his journey as a footballer. His passion in this game made him won “Player of the year” in 2005. He also played for coach Floyd at Boynton Beach High School, there he participated in the All-American All-Star game. Mazayah knew the fact that for working his way to the top, he required more of hard work and dedication. This was when he decided to redirect his efforts from football to entrepreneurial ship.
Taking a major step like this definitely not an easy task to do. In 2015, he stepped into the world of entrepreneurship by laying the foundation of Vakarui Paris. The brand at the start revolved around the idea of having limited-edition footwear made in Italy. However, it turned into a successful clothing line. Mazayah always thought that the clothes must be able to define a mirroring image of an individual’s personality. The clothes that an individual wears should make them feel confident in their skin, and they should be able to accept it. Following the same philosophy, Mazayah, with his designs, focused on crafting footwear for all personalities. He was very much successful in this idea of him.
Mazayah showed as that sometimes you have to sacrifice something for the betterment of it. Initially it can hurt you and it can become difficult for you but at the end it surprises you with unexpected rewards. Yes, many obstacles came in the way of him but fought with them because he had clear vision in his mind. Mazayah always believed in spreading positivity and happiness with his work. He always thought of working hard and never thought of anything else. He decided to be fearless and unstoppable and that played a very important part in his success.


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