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Sonal Singhal is a star-studded success coach. Unlocking your Super Power can quickly transform your life and make you happy

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Sonal Singhal, a Success Coach, Bach Flower Expert, and Energy Healer, thinks that if you trust the life process, it will simply bring you to where you are destined to be. She dared to leave her successful career to figure out the true cause of her chronic and ongoing physical issues, despite having an exceptional educational background that included a B.Tech. from IIT-Varanasi, Masters and PhD in Civil Engineering from top US universities. She suffered from terrible body aches, excessive monthly bleeding, urine incontinence, cognitive fogginess, and other health difficulties for years, which orthodox doctors were unable to fix.

This made her reflect about life that “success without personal fulfillment is meaningless.”

Sonal was astounded to learn during her healing journey that her assumption that we live our life consciously is exactly the opposite. In actuality, our lives are mostly guided by our unconscious patterns, which are shaped by events and relationships from our childhood. The irony is that we were weak and resourceful at the time this indoctrination was taking place. It is feasible, however, to help people reach their maximum potential by applying innovative technologies and evidence-based brain training methods.

Sonal is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master who assists people in discovering their inner blockages and empowering them to achieve specific goals by rescripting their toxic unconscious programming. She assists her clients to break free from self-sabotage, mental chatter, phobias, lack of confidence, and procrastination using NLP’s unique tactics, paving the path for greater financial success and personal growth.

Her mission as a Success Coach is to empower women to overcome stress and turn overwhelm into consistent productivity so they may achieve their goal of living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. She takes a client-centric approach, taking into account each person’s unique gifts, life objectives, and needs. She provides individual and group coaching to help her customers achieve their objectives. Simultaneously, she equips people with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to enable them to manage their lives independently and confidently.

One canlisten to Sonal spilling beans on success strategies of experts by tuning into her podcast “Sustainable Success Strategies” on Spotify.

Sonal tried a variety of tools and approaches in the hopes of finding a cure for her body aches, including Hath yoga, yogic kriyas, Access Consciousness Bars, meditation, essential oils, and so on. She eventually learned, however, that physical issues are actually caused by trapped emotions in one’s energy field. She eventually grew interested about Bach Flower Remedies, which her mother had introduced her to over 20 years ago.

Bach Flower Remedies are fully safe, delicate vibrations derived from wild flowers in water that help to treat various human emotions. Sonal described her mental and physical healing experience with floral essences as “wonderful and indescribable.” She currently offers Bach Flower Therapy online coaching to help people uncover and release their deepest emotional obstacles, such as fear of judgement, rejection, anxiety, low self-esteem, and so on. Sonal gets great satisfaction in watching her clients transform their deep-seated concerns into unstoppable success fuel through her change work as a coach and educator.

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