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Sachin Taneja – One of the most successful Businessman from India

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Many people believe that beginning a business is serious deal, they feel that it will require heaps of cash, difficult work and they will likewise need to leave their jobs.

At the point when we are intending to begin a business, the greater part of us contemplate Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Ambani, and so forth Yet, essential thought is that first, we should contemplate side business which is beneficial and reasonable which can furnish us side pay with less venture of cash.

Business alludes to any human exercises attempted consistently to procure benefit by creations, dispersions, deals, or acquisition of labor and products.

The main objective of a businessman of conducting the economic activities is to generate revenue by employing the human, financial and intellectual resources. By virtue of this, customers are treated as the king of business by the businessman.

Sachin Taneja, a school dropout and a independent guy who is addicted to success and allergic to average. Sachin managed to set up three companies.
SceneOn Music & Entertainment, an event company that organizes Techno events all over India at unique locations with talented artists.

Sachin Taneja is in the underground music scene for the last 3 years and loves to be on the console for fun. He owns a Supermart chain “Four Season’s Mart” in gurugram and currently working on expanding it in NCR. He also owns an IT Firm in which he currently has more than 30 employees. Settled in Gurugram.

Sachin left his job at 24 to start his venture. He believes in taking risks rather than settling for less. He loves challenges because he always says challenges make the person one step closer to success. All things considered, dreaming never made anybody effective.

Sachin Taneja left studies at a very young age because he didn’t believe studies are gonna make him anywhere closer to his expectations. He always wanted to have a Porsche lifestyle, wanted to ride luxury cars with a big nice house. And he has it all today not because he believed he gonna have it one day. Because he believed in surprises. He always says. “Life is full of surprises, some good, some not so good.”


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