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Pawana Tripathi Emerging Star of Contemporary Writings

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Pawana Tripathi resides in Sultanpur Uttar Pradesh.She is a proud Daughter of Mr Siyarm Tripathi and Mrs Urmila Tripathi .
She is an author with a credit of five books namely Emotional streams , Warrior in her , shattering of fear and Omnibus saga . Her writing reflects her soul and imagination into the being She is a renowned feminist and Influencer at Healofy ,also the co founder of the KAVYAM ( a literature platform )
” SHE ” is her sixth book in the record , she has been awarded with 3 awards ( Author of the year award by hanuel publication ) and nominated for iwga 2020 and Aaghaaz 2020 By AIY officials . Recently, the feathers to her cap were added after she bagged the position in She has been interviewed by more than seven literature forums and newspaper agencies wanting to spread her wisdom with the world.
She wants to share her knowledge abd intelligence with the world .
She was recently Awarded as Best Poetry Collection Award in Aaveg 2021 literature festival. She got featured in The Real Preneur and Dailyhunt for her exceptional work . She is heading towards the heights of success by enlightening her path with literature smithereens.Pawana is renowned feminist and Influencer at Healofy, she stated her place in feminism with her ability of breaking stereotypes and raising her voice for acid attack survivors and womens in several means. She is graduated with Microbiology and Stepping in to pursue her Post Graduation in medical microbiology field, she wants to become a certified and professional microbiologist in her academic career. She owns the world record for 800 poetries and more than 20 certificates for her passion and dreams. According to her there is nothing she can’t conquer, setting up several examples for girls and all youngsters in her passion. She is also true believer of Mighty with devotion. Her struggle and cravings for more and more was not so simple as it appears to be as she adjusted and created her own way with efforts and confidence.
One can get inspired and become confident about his or her journey from her story because ,
“She is the one with Wings of Iron”

Grab her books from Amazon and AIY officials.


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