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MindStir Media earns a video endorsement from comedian and actor Tom Arnold

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As per EIN News, comedian and actor Tom Arnold has provided an endorsement for MindStir Media, one of the top self-publishing companies in the United States according to Penny Matters, BestTechie, and Kev’s Best.

In a short video posted on YouTube, Tom Arnold said, “A lot of great people are using it. It’s a quality company. They’ve won awards, I’m not even kidding. And they can expertly produce an eye-catching, high-quality book and market it …MindStir Media, these are quality people. You get a good-looking book …It will change your life, I can promise you that. Check out MindStir Media.”

Tom Arnold is known for his legendary performance as Arnie on the hit TV show Roseanne. He has also appeared in major motion pictures such as True Lies, Austin Powers, and Nine Months. He is a stand-up comedian, having gotten his start on the stage decades ago. Arnold has authored one book, How I Lost 5 Pounds in 6 Years. The autobiography was released in 2002 to acclaim: Bill Maher and Arnold Schwarzenegger both offered their praise of the book.

MindStir Media’s primary services are geared toward self-publishing and book marketing and publicity. Case studies on the company’s website show MindStir providing tremendous value for previously unknown authors, including generating nearly $150,000 in media coverage for a 7-year-old girl, Isabell Hayden, who MindStir helped become a #1 Amazon bestselling author just a couple months ago. MindStir found fame recently when the company partnered with Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and award-winning actress Mariel Hemingway, the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway. Both Hemingway and Harrington have teamed up with MindStir to give authors endorsements for their books, a unique form of influencer marketing for authors. Tom Arnold is the third celebrity to openly endorse MindStir.

J.J. Hebert leads MindStir Media as the founder and CEO. Hebert is a renowned entrepreneur and author, having won nine literary awards and being recognized by LA Weekly, Influencive and International Business Times as an entrepreneur to follow. He is also a bestselling author and self-publishing and business expert seen in publications such as Business Insider, Forbes, and Entrepreneur. EIN News shared this quote from Hebert when speaking about the Tom Arnold endorsement: “Tom Arnold is one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood and in comedy. To have Tom recommend MindStir Media as an option for self-publishing authors is incredibly exciting. I’ve always enjoyed his acting performances, and his book of course, so it’s a dream come true to get his stamp of approval.”

MindStir Media was founded in 2009 in New Hampshire by J.J. Hebert to release his own debut novel, Unconventional, which ultimately sold over 100,000 copies. Celebrities aren’t the only ones to positively review MindStir Media. Vents Magazine recently raved about the company, as did HerPaperRoute. The Better Business Bureau gives the company an A+ rating. MindStir’s books are available worldwide, with distribution from Ingram in roughly 200 countries. For more information on how to self-publish a book with MindStir Media, visit to download the free self-publishing guide.

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