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Coco is fired from her job because her boss found out she did OnlyFans.

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Fired from Job because of OnlyFans; Coco is happier now.

Coco OnlyFans

Coco, studying in college, was a lovely sexy teen, with an air of joy surrounding her. Gradually in a few weeks, she got melancholic and the reason was lack of money. Paying off her rents and routine bills with the job from the restaurant left her with no cash to look after herself. Life became boring and she became dull.

And then something lit up! She started an OnlyFans Page. With all the sales from the explicit content, she sold on OnlyFans her smile was back on her face and the surroundings. Her income boosted and could be seen in her lifestyle changes. Intrigued and some even jealous, her colleagues were trying hard to find out the cause of change.
And then one day Jose came across the explicit images he found on Coco’s Instagram page. The shares and likes made rounds and the talk was hot on the premises. Coco admitted honestly when asked by her friends. “This is my fortune turner”, says Coco, “I’ve earned more in 2 weeks than in 6 months of job doing OnlyFans”. All I have done is posted my snaps first. Those were received so well; I did not expect to be paid so handsomely.

James, the campus guy candidly blushed, “It’s pretty impressive I’m not going to lie, I’ve had a crush on her for a long time. Now that she is on OnlyFans I have an access to her. At least I can watch and admire her all day long”. James liked her a lot.
But the news spread like rapid fire to reach Martin, her boss, the restaurant owner. Martin said he had a reputation to maintain and so he will have to fire her. Coco was so happy, she jumped with joy, hugged Martin, and left the restaurant forever. She is minting more money on OnlyFans than 3 restaurant jobs put together.

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