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Beauty standards evolve from era to another and differ based on the country and culture.
However, the majority of people imagine a slim body when they think about beautiful women. This wrong perception has led girls all over the world to stress about what they eat and how they look.

Be it a teenager or a grown-up woman, they all aspire to appear beautiful on the outside. Some may go the extra mile and stop eating. They think hunger would prevent them from gaining weight and therefore look ugly.

The short film ”You are the prettiest” addresses a severe condition called bulimia. It is a film directed by Gal Seth Yefet and presented in New York City. It is only 2 minutes long but delivers a meaningful message. Marie Solimena, the leading and only actress plays the role of a girl suffering from bulimia, a dangerous eating disorder. Apparently, she didn’t eat anything the whole day and then ends up feeling serious hunger at night. Since the body is begging for food, Marie loses control over herself and eats the whole fridge.


We didn’t really see her eat in the film, but Marie Solimena did a very good job delivering the scene
and expressing the after bingeing state of the person. She was sitting on the ground, surrounded by leftovers and her clothes were dirty as she spelled food on herself. We could feel the suffering of the girl through the great performance of Marie. Eating nonstop and not minding the juice spelling all over you means you’re no longer in control of yourself.

After the feast, the bulimic girl goes straight to the restroom and pushes herself to throw up everything that she just ate. Solimena’s face expressions were interesting and meaningful. She acted as if the whole scene was normal and nothing was out of the ordinary. Starving herself, binge eating and then throwing up was just an everyday activity, it’s her lifestyle. This condition could be life threatening. Putting your health and life at risk just to please a relative standard is absurd. The storyline and the outstanding performance of Marie Solimena did a great job delivering this message.

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