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Irbaaz Ansari Received National Peace & Humanitarian Award In Delhi By Hands Of Maulana Sajjad Nomani

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Philanthropist Irbaaz Ansari felicitated by very prestigious All India Ulama Board National Peace & Humanitarian Award in Delhi at India Islamic Cultural center. Irbaaz lends his support for Covid affected area through his foundation I Love Aurangabad
Covid-19 pandemic has crippled the economic system of most of the countries including India. India is one of those countries who has been severely affected by the deadly virus with more positive cases being reported daily. Out of all states Maharashtra is experiencing more covid positive cases. Aurangabad city is a hub for all kinds of economic activities in the region. With the pandemic hit, the daily wage worker were the most affected lot. This led to irbaaz Ansari’s foundation I Love Aurangabad to step forward to help these migrant workers with best of their capacity. Mainly they focused on providing the single most crucial thing for survival, which is food. Aurangabad city accounts for huge chunk of all COVID-19 cases in India, which is a big number for a city of this size. Looking at this, Mr Ansari’s front line warriors including him flung into action by helping more than 600 families with basic supply of food and medical needs.

The NGO, I Love Aurangabad not only cared for humans in these difficult times but also taken care for homeless animals through the initiative Lets feed homeless animal social campaign. There was a time when the organisation was left with no funding but that didn’t dither the warriors with the help of crowd funding and through personal savings helped many lives to survive.

Distributing face masks and shield, Immunity Boosters, footwear, organising safety awareness programs in various parts of Aurangabad city, arranging free psychological counseling of migrant workers and corono affected patients were some of the activities this foundation initiated tirelessly.
Looking at their great efforts actor Sonu Sood came in support of this foundation appreciating the president of the NGO Irbaaz Ansari

Speaking on this Mr Irbaaz Ansari said, “I have inherited this quality from my father Nayab Ansari who is very kind and is always up to help others in their dire condition who happens to be the and founder and editor of The Hindustan Newspaper Urdu daily.

Coming out from the comforts of my home along with my team of frontline warriors tried to help under our foundation I Love Aurangabad with best of our capacity and still continuing to reach out as many people we can help. We couldn’t have asked for more for our work.”and we are so grateful to be recipient of National Peace and Humanitarian award from All India Ulama Board for our work.

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