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Influencer Shreya Halder titled as “Ms. Versatile” in Feminarc award by AwardsArc

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Managing things isn’t easy at all.
Being at a place where you have many hobies altogether seems like a big task, but Feminarc Awardee, Shreya Halder justified it well.

AwardsArc titled her “Ms. Versatile” for her constant upliftment and self motivation towards her work. We are proud to call her, A Girl with Wings.

Awards are something which motivates one to work more harder, it is something which nourishes a good job. The main motive of awardsarc is to motivate people, help them to grow and inspire others who really want to come up and prove themself in different fields.

This time AwardsArc focused on the real strength of a Woman, their Willingness and Sentiment towards their workspace.
We got amazing divas across the world, and one of them was Shreya Halder.

Shreya Halder is from the city of Joy, Kolkata, West Bengal.
She is a well renowned Beauty Content Creator and a Writer. Well, it is quite interesting to see her interest in two different and unlike fields.

She started her writing journey from 2015 at @yourquoteapp platform and thus gained a huge success. With time, she entered into publishing her write ups, from a writer to a published author she explored alot.

She has now completed working in more than 50 anthologies as a published writer. Some of her published books are – “Shades of Moon” , “Shades of Perception “ , “Beloved” , “Letters to Society “ , “Mere Nishaan” , “Broken but Beautiful “ and many more.

Shreya was also interviewed and have been the cover girl of the monthly magazine “Merged- Array” by Book-O-Pedia Publication.

Besides writing, she also started making content on beauty and lifestyle. She is now the Official Beauty Content Creator at @myglamm and also she gained the “BOI Recognized Creator “ title from @instagram and @creators.

Being in a fashion industry isn’t easy but day by day she is developing herself like a DIVA.

She also got verified at @amazondotin and also gained “Rising Star Creator” title from @roposolove platform.

Being a versatile person, Shreya has been awarded many times.
Some of them are –

-WIBA Award
-Stellar Talent Award
-Opus Ace of Initiative Award

  • Trell Babybloomer Artist Award
    -Elite Book Of Award
  • Fame in Frame Award
    and many more.

She thinks, Being consistent and hardworking is the key to achieve anything, but most importantly believe in one self and not giving up is the ultimate goal.

We might see Shreya developing herself as a great influencer for girls out here.


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