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Heart touching Mother Daughter’s untold story Aarohi (A short film) releasing on Mother’s day

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Produced by VS Nation and Taal Music & Films, is a poignant movie about a daughter’s heartwarming feelings for the new mothers in her life. Because the plot of this film revolves around the lives of our mothers, it is scheduled to be released on Mother’s Day. 

Speaking about Aarohi, Davindra Khanna, writer Producer-director says, “Nothing can stop a person whose dream is based on their struggle for their mother”.One such dream was that of Aarohi, born into a poor family, who had knowledge of “Sur-sangit,” and when she sang to her friends, everyone used to say, “Wah- Wah.” But seeing the environment in which she lived, she could not even imagine realising her dream, but her mother’s perseverance eventually paid off, and Aarohi became a successful singer. But before she could enjoy the happiness of her daughter’s success, she lost her life. On her death bed, seeing her daughter crying, she tells her daughter about her wish. What was that wish? Can Aarohi fulfill it? After that, you must watch Aarohi learn the story.

This film has all new actors, with the exception of Virendra Mishra. Aarohi’s title role is played by Radhika Dhuri. Bharti Pawar, Rita Issar, Shilpa Perulekar, Shobha Bansal, Savita Maikar, Namita Chaudhary, and Amardasan Nair are among the other co-stars. Advocate Raj Kumar Tiwari and CA Dr. Mahesh Gaur, among others,  have made special appearances.

Davindra Khanna stated that another short film, ‘Talaq Kyun,’ will be released next month as part of his ongoing initiatives. He also revealed that the filming of his next film, Pidda ke Panch Din,’ & one Reality show is already underway.

Casting start for new project contact: 7276299885

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