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College Drop Out Became Crypto Millionaire At An Age Of 19

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Life is so unpredictable that today nobody knows what is there for him in the coming tomorrow. So was in the case of a young boy who took a step deviating from education and choosing the path less travelled.

Aman Gautam is a 19 year old young Trader and investor, belongs to farming family- born in a small village of Uttar Pradesh , India . Raised himself as an example to inspire all the young ones with a thought ” a strong vision is required to make something happen”.
He did his primary education from village but he had aspirations and enthusiasm to do great in his life, he joined a renowned school of India “Sainik School Kapurthala” and life was going smooth. He was performing well and was adding a lot of achievements to his profile but his destiny had something else to offer him.

Due to financial problems he opted out of school. Now there was another obstacle he had to tackle but the problem was he knew nothing about it. He decided to help his family financially. With a lot of Josh he stepped into a new journey in trading. He went through doing different kinds of businesses but none worked as expected. He went through a lot of hardships with many demotivating elements coming in his way. These were the toughest three years of his life which do bothered him but could not overpower his determination. After hustling for three years he finally found the compatible path of trading and investing which took him to the new heights.

He learnt trading and started with just Rs 900. After a whole year of efforts he became a young crypto millionaire just at the age of 19. His incredible journey is testimony of the great powers of thoughts , He says ” Fear is nothing to fear ” instead it is a sign of coming out from zone which is necessary for growth. That is why Aman is a firm believer of dreaming , so he has been helping the youth , not only from India but also from different part of the world , to gain financial knowledge .

Investing is such where money is working for you”, but it only happens when someone has the right knowledge , most people take it as gambling and that’s why more than 80% of people quit just after a month ” He believes that Investing also give you the potential to start other business making more out of the same time. At the same time it’s not only investing and trading which will make you successful ,instead being successful is all about doing what you love and it gives you the vibe of being self made at the end.

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