Author Bisakha Das-The Pride Of Baripada makes a world record for being the youngest solo book author of Odisha for “The Hazy Moonshine”.

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Bisakha Das,an artist from a small town of Baripada becomes a duo world record holder;as the youngest solo book author of Odisha(THE HAZY MOONSHINE) to use Anadiplosis in each and every successive line, in four different poetries,that too in 4 different languages, that is Odia, Hindi, English and Bengali, within just 1.5 hours. Inkzoid Book of Records recognizes her uniqueness, excellency and hard work and her name enters in the World Record edition of 2022.

Hardwork, dedication and self confidence are the pillars of any success story. No matter how many obstacles may come in our path, if we are motivated by our own struggles and failures, we will surely raise high above one day. A burning example of this quotation stands as Miss Bisakha Das.She belongs to such an environment, there is neither any support nor any scope for rising writers or laureates.In spite of hailing from a typical middle class family with not so well-financial conditions, Bisakha’s parents had to sacrifice a lot to educate her in a high- standard school that is St. Anne’s convent school, Baripada.At last,all their sacrifices yielded colours, when their only child Miss Bisakha did excellently well in all academic as well as co-curricular activities.


Bisakha is an excellent declamator, freelancer, orator and ofcourse an amazing writer. Her amazing literary works were highly appreciated by many national and international organisations. She received Kalam Ratna Award as the best solo – book author in the junior category for The book “The Hazу Moonshine”which came out to be the highest selling book in non fictions genre on Amazon. She participated in more than 90 anthologies published by many well-known organisations. Now, her talent and dedication towards English Literature was recognised by Inkzoid Foundation and she created a World record .


“The Hazy moonshine” is a collection of vintage, spiritual, healing and empowering poems, which has a realm of aesthetics, human emotions,impact of trauma and solutions to get over it, importance of father figure, the pros and cons of Solitude, Healing and lots more. A detailed reading of the book will show us the true essence of what life is and how to make it productive and worthy. The Hazy Moonshine shall instill within all the readers ,a spirit of liberation, self-empowerment, courage etc. The Hazy Moonshine comprises 90+ poems,and 10 narratives. Her noble ambition to bring about a change in the society,in such a young age is highly appreciated by the Inkzoid Book of records.


Bisakha Das, an eighteen year old
girl from Baripada, Odisha makes a new world record for being the youngest user of Anadiplosis in every succesive lines of 4 long poems that too in 4 different languages.

She is an excellent declamator, freelancer, orator,activist and an amazing author. She has taken part in more than 90+ anthologies and published her debut solo-book “The Hazy Moonshine” within 5 days.
within 7 days. Her debut book is an epitome of her Deep Perspection of life, behind the layers of materialism, her traumatic experiences, the beauty of empathy and how healthy relations can sustain.

Her immense love for nature, stray and
mankind portrays her to be true social worker and activitist.Her deeds for welfare of the society and her empowering and motivational words made her worthy of holding THE KALAM RATNA AWARD.
Her hardwork and dedication was finally acknowledged by INKZOID FOUNDATION and that made her a world record holder for such a unique category of using Anadiplosis (a rarely used figure of speech) in 4 long poems in all the successive lines in 4 different languages .

Her endeavour, hard work and passion for English Literature has brought pride and glory to her family and now is appreciated world wide .She takes up all the drawbacks and criticism as a challenge to develop her inner strength and abilities.
At the outset, we wish her even more success and glory for her upcoming projects and achievements.


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