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Cat Calabrese is Scaling New Heights in the Music Industry

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Cat Calabrese, an emerging music artist, pop vocalist, singer, and songwriter hailing from Cleveland, is creating a buzz in the music industry due to her ambitious work towards her passion for music. The young female music artist is scaling new heights in the music industry with her hardworking and ambitious spirit. Cat Calabrese creates a sound that makes it irresistible to come back for more. She delivers a strong message through each and every one of her songs in an effort to show her fans that there is hope, and they can make it through their daily struggles. Cat Calabrese launched her music career in March 2021 with her debut single, “Quicksand”, co-produced a collaborator of Machine Gun Kelly’s. Eager to build on the momentum of Quicksand, she teamed up with producer and songwriter DJ London Bridges and has been consistently releasing new singles since her debut.

Recently she dropped a new single titled ‘Hyde’. Hyde is her first pop/hip-hop collaboration. Produced by Trill Gates, the song is a duet between Cat Calabrese and rapper L8niteSasuke. She has gained the attention of Rolling Stone and landed an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.  

Cat Calabrese says she is “telling her truth one song at a time“. Whether she is belting a powerhouse break-up anthem or showing her softer, more vulnerable side, her music will leave you humming her truths and eager to hear more. Cat Calabrese has a driving desire to put out only the best for her fans as she is forever grateful for the opportunity she has been presented as an artist through her fans’ support. Not only is she grateful for the supportive fans, but her supportive relatives as well. Regardless of any obstacle they faced, they’ve pushed through it and never gave up. This mentality is the same one that Cat Calabrese carries with her daily pursuit in the music industry.

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