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An Inspiring Journey of a Young Music Artist Syed Shabeen Lebbe

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Music is love for many, it’s a relief to the mind. The music industry is getting elite day by day because of the quality of music it produces. The song is something that acts as a stress reliever for many. There are a lot of musicians blessed with a blissful voice that creates a peaceful aura. The rap culture is getting bloomed day by day.

Syed Shabeen Lebbe, 21 is one of the youngest singers, songwriter and composer in Asia. A self-taught musician has had no formal training but that did not stop him from pursuing music. He has performed in hundreds of events across the country. He is mostly admired by young people and that’s why in every event, Syed is always seen performing.
”I think music has been dying slowly here but I guess a lot of local artists who came forward are trying to revive it. All I know is that music is something that expresses what I am going through, what’s in my heart and it’s a venting mechanism for me. I do music for myself, I never knew people would like it but they did. A lot of people say that it heals them and that encouraged me to pursue music, ” said musician Syed Shabeen, dynamic Musician. 

Syed Shabeen has recently launched an Arab music song called ‘Habibi Emarat’ which has gained a lot of popularity across the music world on the social network. He says there are many challenges for artists. From finding a platform to being socially accepted in a conservative society. 
”Social media is the only platform here. I can interact with people from across the world. We didn’t have many opportunities and now we have social media where people can see our work. We live in a society where we are not free to follow our passion, there are social standards, we have to fit in and if someone tries to live a different path, he is going to be questioned and that’s why people doubt it. When you talk about your ambition, all they will say is that it has no future, and I think this kills many dreams. And that’s the main reason people give up easily,” Syed asserted. 

While the music industry was gasping for its survival, even some traditional musical instruments were on the verge of extinction. His music videos have lots of views and he has become an inspiration for many youngsters to pick up the art and become a musician. Syed has become a music rockstar of Asian youngsters and will live in their hearts forever.
I agree that there was no music sense for this generation of people as our old descendants had. while I was growing up with my grandparents, that’s how I got inspired. I wanted to recreate the tradition and also want young people to take this up to save this art. As an artist, every young kid has to struggle more as there are no platforms for them. but there are social media and I started using social media, my one cover had more than 1 million views. I get emails, messages from people who want to learn traditional music. ” said Syed Shabeen, Musician. 

As a 21-year-old singer, he radiates his pure passion towards music and determinedly works towards acing the music game. We wish him a wonderful future.


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