What Does It Take To Win In The Competitive House Flipping Market? Expert Justin Colby Tells You What You Need To Know

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Only a few experts have mastered the art of house flipping, and one of them is Justin Colby. After several years of playing his cards right, Colby was finally able to be hugely successful. Here he shares a couple of tips on achieving great success in flipping houses.

Justin Colby’s tale is not all gold and glitter. He had to hit rock bottom before pulling himself to the top. After breaking through, Colby is now one of the most wildly successful real estate investors out there. As the co-founder of The Science of Flipping, he makes sure to dedicate his time to be an effective mentor in the real estate community.

How Justin Colby Went from Rags to Riches

Before discovering the world of real estate, Colby had just lost his house and his car. During those difficult times, he was sleeping on his friend’s couch, figuring out what he should do.

Before the taste of success

Colby’s journey toward success was not an easy ride. However, he knew that he was destined to enter the world of real estate. He worked days and nights to connect with a realtor, and eventually he found one who believed in him. During his first year, he had two deals. During the second, it jumped up to six. His sales in his third year reached 46, and then it jumped to 96 a year after.

Important Lessons Colby Learned Along the Way

The process has taken so long for Colby, but the venture was definitely worth it. Colby knew the struggle, so he has imparted in others some of the knowledge he has learned while trying to pave his way toward greatness.

Colby was the first to believe in himself

Colby had envisioned his success while he was lying on his friend’s couch. The future that was in his mind was so different from where he used to be. However, he never underestimated the power of his thoughts, but rather pushed him forward.

Build an action plan

Colby didn’t just rely on his daydreams. He also created an action plan on how to achieve them. Colby planned his moves and didn’t try to change his goals when confronted with problems. Instead, he adjusted his moves to navigate them.

Hire a mentor or a coach

When Colby first started, he only had little information about what he was getting himself into. With that, he searched for a mentor who could teach him what he needed to know and steer him in the right direction. Colby realized how critical this step was, so he became a coach himself and has mentored about 1,000 students looking for a career in real estate.

Colby went from rags to riches not because he was skilled or talented. He was successful because he devoted his time and effort to effectively learn the tactics to win in the competitive house flipping market. There is no one recipe for great success. It is important to never give up in one’s quest to be successful at what one chooses to do. Justin Colby is active on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn where he regularly connects with like-minded people and his audience.


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