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We live in a highly competitive world. We’re always in a loop, trying to prove our worth and justify our existence. There is a point in time when we have a chance to break free from this cycle, when our actions determine our fate, and this period is known as the turning point. Cracking the entrance exams is the turning point for all students who want to revolutionise the world by becoming engineers or serve humanity by becoming doctors. It is completely obvious that JEE and NEET are the most difficult exams to crack. A student requires proper guidance, a strategic plan, and a well-planned schedule, as well as a coaching academy that can provide all of these things. Vyas Academy of Science is one such educational institution that devotes itself to students’ well-being and successful careers.

Vyas Academy of Science was established in 2001 by Pranav Vyas (MSc, PGDHRD, PGDFM, PGDCCO, LLB) in Vadodara for a greater goal to change the way how education is perceived and delivered. It was started with a sincere determination and goal to provide transcendent education and to produce individuals who are capable of making the earth a better place to live. Since its inception, the Vyas Academy of Science team has been working relentlessly to pass knowledge to students, prepare them for the future, and instill confidence in them to beat the impossibilities. The heart and soul of an institution are its teachers and its strategic schedule. The teachers of Vyas Academy of Science are the best a student could ever get. Besides subjective excellence and experience, they are fair and positive-minded who constantly strive to support students and show them the path to light. They don’t force students to run behind the curriculum, instead, they spend extra time to help the students take the leap. The schedule is even designed in an accessible way by dividing the chapters into sub-topics for easier learning.

Vyas Academy of Science’s moral and innovative quality is its decision to involve parents in the educational process of their children. Vyas Academy of Science was a firm believer that parents are always the first teachers and that involving parents would lead to better results in the long run. They pioneered the concept of Parents’ Awareness Seminars and Parent-Teacher Meetings to acknowledge and discuss their children’s performance as well as their strengths and weaknesses. They give them a detailed analysis of their ward’s academic progress and recommendations for how to make significant improvements.

Vyas Academy of Science strongly believes that everyone has their own pace and takes their own time to learn. To support such slow learners, they teach them simple techniques to make the concepts easily understandable. They conduct extra classes called doubt sessions to clear students’ complex concepts and doubts. Every student can avail these sessions. What sets Vyas Academy of Science apart from other coaching institutes is its foresight and commitment to ethical values. They hold motivational lectures regularly to ensure that the students are consistent and prepared to deal with a variety of deviations. This demonstrates their commitment and determination to continue the students’ drive to achieve their objectives.

Even when the world came to a halt due to the pandemic, the Vyas Academy of Science used online education methods to continue providing services to students without disrupting their schedules. The academy has taken such an effective and innovative step, and the students are fortunate to have teachers who have become accustomed to teaching online in a short period of time. They also offer GUJCET and board exam preparation in addition to JEE and NEET coaching.

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