Van Taylor On Inspiring People To Monetize Their Passion

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Some businesspeople desire success and wealth for their personal gain. In contrast, others take their fortunes and use them to make positive changes in the world.

Philanthropists have been actively campaigning to make the world a better place for centuries. Today, philanthropy is viewed as one of the most laudable endeavours a wealthy person can undertake.

While philanthropy and charity are often thought to be one and the same, there’s a big difference between the two. Charity is like relieving the symptoms of a virus, while philanthropy is like finding the cure. When a person donates to a charity, it reduces the pain of a particular social problem. On the other hand, philanthropy addresses the root cause of the problem and tries to solve it.

Here’s the story of  Van Taylor, a man who built a seven-figure business by putting his dreams first and now spends his time and fortune attempting to eradicate poverty in underserved communities.

The Desire to Do More

Van Taylor spent ten years working in corporate America. He was very successful at building businesses to multiple figures, but he wasn’t satisfied. He didn’t feel that he could be his authentic self and wasn’t impacting the world in the way he longed to. He finally decided to put his dreams and legacy first and started his entrepreneurial journey in 2016.

Taylor has a natural desire to help others live their truths and dreams. He loves to inspire people and teach them how to monetize their expertise and passions. He’s also proud to be a Black man who has overcome the stereotype of the “Black male who ends up dead or in jail by the age of 25.” As a 37-year-old father of seven, he’s been up close and personal with the struggles of others living in underserved communities. He’s naturally compelled to use his fortune to get to the root of the problems in such places.

Uplifting the Black Community

It’s an unfortunate truth that Black people and Black communities are still faced with many obstacles in America today. Taylor uses his skills and fortunes to uplift those in such communities in the best ways he knows how. He spends time teaching financial literacy in order to eradicate poverty through financial education. He also helps entrepreneurs overcome Imposter Syndrome as they build six-figure brands and businesses.

Beyond the Black Community

While Taylor focuses on the Black community, he doesn’t forget about all the other struggling entrepreneurs out there. He has given away over $1 million in services, courses, cash, and mentorships to entrepreneurs on Clubhouse and helped over 100 entrepreneurs, including business-building moms, launch successful businesses during the pandemic.

Eradicating Poverty in West Africa

One of Taylor’s most significant philanthropic endeavours is his mission to eradicate poverty in Senegal, West Africa. Taylor is very active in the community there and is a frequent visitor. He has fed thousands of families in Senegal and is taking another trip to feed hundreds more. He’s also building a coding school for children in Senegal, where they can learn a technological skill that can be used to empower them and eradicate poverty through technology. Van Taylor is a living example of the significant impact that one person can have on thousands of others.

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