Suso FW Reveals Who Inspired Him to Become a Musician

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It’s not uncommon to hear musicians talking about their role models and heroes who inspired them to start making music. In the case of Suso FW, the singer of the famous song, Lonesome, his inspiration is none other than Drake.

He said, “I consider Drake as my hero. If there is one musician I look up to, the one that inspires me to make music, it’s Drake. I’ve not had the opportunity to meet him yet. But I’m proud enough to be in the same industry as him. I would like to dedicate my song Lonesome to Drake. It will be an honor if he listens to the song. I’ve been listening to Drake’s songs from a young age. His tunes, lyrics, way of singing – everything inspires me every day.”

How Drake became an inspirational figure in Suso FW’s life

Suso FW never received formal training in music. He always loved listening to hip-hop and rap songs, especially those sung by Drake. When asked about what makes Drake his favorite singer, the young artist said, “Initially, I fell in love with his tunes. It was as if someone was playing the tunes that I had always wanted to create. They kept playing in my head throughout the day. Later, I started focusing on his lyrics. It was the best thing that could happen to me. I could relate to each song because the lyrics were so close to my heart.”

Does that mean Suso FW doesn’t listen to anyone else’s songs? The young superstar said, “Yes, I have heard songs of many other musicians also like Chris Brown, Vybz Kartel, Big Pun, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West. They are undoubtedly great, too, but I somehow like Drake the most. I would collect CDs from my friends to listen to Drake’s songs. My mother felt that I was wasting time locking myself up in my room. But all the while, I was trying to figure out how he mixed the vocals and tunes so well. It was through this process of researching and learning that I started making music. And a lot of credit goes to Drake.”

Learning from the icon

As already mentioned, Suso FW never went to music school. He learned to make music by experimenting with his digital audio workstation. But that was after he went through various videos that explained how to mix vocals and different tunes. Suso FW even recreated a few of Drake’s songs when he was learning mixing beats. The Lonesome singer installed his digital audio workstation in his room and spent hours every day trying to create new tunes. Every time he came up with a song, he recorded it to present them to music companies. 

After his hit song “Lonesome,” Suso FW released his new track, “Gucci Dior,” a melodic trap song. The tune is entirely different from his first song, showcasing his versatility in producing various types of music. 

Suso FW’s song Lonesome already has thousands of views on YouTube. Based on the comments on his videos alone, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when he becomes a worldwide sensation shortly.


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