Rising Star Seno Is Making His Mark Through the Backhouse Collective

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Creating a music brand is one thing and driving it to success is another. There are obviously millions of aspiring artists or musicians worldwide, but only a few get to establish a successful music career. This implies that breaking into the music industry can be a tough barrier for most artists. The industry has so far proved to demand more than talent, and it takes extra effort and skill to set yourself apart from the rest and possibly break through to the mainstream.

Seno, a highly skilled and talented singer and songwriter, is one of the artists showing up who proves to have more than what it takes to create a successful career in the music industry. With his vast, unique, exceptional music sounds, Seno has established himself as a rising star to watch out for. The Florida-born and raised singer is making his mark in the industry through Backhouse Collective.

Backhouse Collective is a group formed by Seno and his friends back in their teenage years. It essentially began as a bunch of friends freestyling in Seno’s guest house that they dubbed the ‘Backhouse.’ Amongst the friends, there was Slyte, Dominic Fike, and Ike Lysergic, with Matt Black and Alex Fike joining the group later. Backhouse later became a larger family with Terry Prism, Nate Traveller, Contradash, and others joining as affiliates. Together they helped each other better understand music, building their passion into possible careers. 

From there, Seno grew to become one of the fastest-rising music talents in the industry. Though he initially started as a rapper, Seno quickly switched to singing after a series of studio sessions. He discovered that his South Florida and Texan background largely influenced his previous sound. He wanted to become more melodic with his music, which is how he transitioned to singing. He is an entirely different artist in terms of sound, giving his fans a much better version of himself. 

Seno announced his presence in the music scene back in 2016 with his debut album, Stories From the Back. It is a classically produced album that featured many artists, including the talented Julia Yon, Terry Presume, Slyte, and Ike Offline. 

But Seno would then suffer what would be the biggest life and career setback. He was sentenced to a year in county prison and four years on probation for allegedly firing a firearm in public. This was a great disappointment for the artist whose musical star had just begun to shine. With no alternative, Seno served his sentence, and he is now a free man growing his music brand. 

Dominic Fike, one of his good friends from Backhouse Collective, whose reputation has been snowballing, has significantly helped create a buzz around Seno. This has resulted in Seno and his manager receiving many requests for meetings with A&Rs from across the industry, including meeting and having dinner with Sylvia Rhone.

The former jailbird is yet to release a single track, but he admits to sitting on a lot of unreleased music. Senopromises his fans that great things are coming their way. 

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