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Hip Hop artists are known for their tendency to glorify lifestyles of excess. Whether it’s wearing multiple items  of jewellery, flashing wads of cash or being surrounded by numerous beautiful women, hip hop culture has taken over main stream culture in a way no other genre has in the past two decades. Flashing wads of money has almost become a rite of passage for rappers across the world. The Australian hip hop scene however is quite unique in that it’s rare to come across artists portraying themselves in such fashion.

Perhaps Australian rappers share the same sentiments as Jay-Z when he rapped:

Y’all on the gram holding money to your ear

But there’s a disconnect we don’t call that money over here

Rapper, Neo Pitso is set to release his much anticipated project Money On Our Last Attempt which is an acronym that spells MOOLA. The conceptual project sees Neo rapping about money and how his success outside of music has led to friends and some family members seeing him as a piggy bank. The project also delves into how Neo has decided to burn all bridges and put all his focus and energy on music. Money On Our Last Attempt is based on the idea that; it’s always the last idea that you stick with that guarantees you success. It’s going to be interesting to see how he can pull off a project about money without resorting to cliches and popular tropes in hip hop. His greatest challenge to date is learning to stay hungry for success with his rap career, despite the financial milestones he’s achieved.

Neo has discussed at length, in previous interviews, how he juggles his time between his corporate job and his hip hop career. The goal for many artists is to create a career that can sustain them and their families. The project gives an inside look at the different hustles he has explored in an attempt to make a living. From flipping burgers, serving pizzas, selling cigarettes in high school, being a soccer coach and tutor, to working as a labourer, sales assistant, club promoter and currently a manager in a corporate environment, Neo has tried it all. Being a full-time recording artist however remains a somewhat elusive goal..

Rather than blame a developing music industry in Australia, Neo has taken ownership of his lack of significant success by putting out music on a consistent basis. He has vowed to release 3 different projects this year, with the above-mentioned EP being the first. This is a gargantuan task even for the most seasoned of music professionals. Only time will tell whether or not he can attain this goal.

During a recent listening session Neo stated his plans to release the project in July. The 5 track EP starts with a sample from what sounds like a movie. The actor sounds off in a cockney accent:

So let me get this straight you’re firing me because of my opinions? I was hired to do a job not because of my personal views. In what universe is it logical to fire someone for a personal opinion? You know what? F_ck you and your company, kiss my ass I’m out”

The hard hitting instrumental will definitely cause listeners to sit up in their seats anticipating what’s to come next. The song is a solid start to a promising project. The second track is a head banger and stand out on the project. It’s unclear exactly who Natalie is but she’s clearly important enough for Neo to dedicate a song. That said, one wouldn’t be surprised if Natalie was a nickname for a particular drug. Rappers often use euphemisms when referring to drugs in their lyrics in order to evade law enforcement or perhaps as a form of creativity. Although the listening session, which took place on Instagram,  featured 2 songs a betting man would bank on the rest of the project being just as brilliant..

Neo needs to start capitalising on the momentum of his singles. To use his own lyrics against him, fans wanna know:

Whydid you take a hiatus/ When you know that you have haters

Your back is on the wall / Your people wanna ball

So they’re calling you their saviour / Start stacking that paper

Since you’re trying to switch your neighbours / You need to start grinding like Laker

If you’re trying make it major / Until you’re talking acres!

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