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Meghna Pitaliya Aka Laadooji is Ruling the Internet With Her Quotes and Her Page LaadooKeAlfaaz

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“Poetry empowers the simplest of lives to confront the most extreme sorrows with courage, and motivates the mightiest of offices to humbly heed lessons in compassion.” Inspired by writers and novels Meghna Pitaliya aka Laadooji is having bigger dreams to achieve along with her passion for writing. Her quotes are loved by everyone on social media and she believes that writing is the most beautiful way to express yourself. She always had a keen interest in writing since her school days and even her family as well as teachers used to appreciate her for her choice of words and presentation.

Meghna Pitaliya is a young girl from Jaipur Rajasthan who is winning hearts with her beautiful quotes and writings through her page LaadooKeAlfaaz on Instagram and Facebook.
Born on 13 May 2000, Meghna is having several goals and plans for her future including the dream to become a businesswoman as she wants to grow her family business and break the stereotypical thought that only a son can run the family business.

However, being a girl there are many challenges in the way of success, but she is a woman with a vision who is focused on her goal and working on it after completing graduation. Laadooji is becoming a prominent name on the internet as she writes relatable quotes. The Jaipur-based author has a significant social media presence, and her poetry has long dominated the digital domain, with some of her works going viral and drawing attention to social, political, environmental, and humanitarian issues around the world.

Meghna Aka Laadooji takes a multi-layered strategy to find emancipation strategies. On the one side, she juxtaposes cultural histories with contemporary real-world issues, and on the other, she identifies beauty, love, self-realization, and assertiveness. She believes that everyone should write down their thoughts as it will give them relief in the time of chaos, it will help them in knowing and exploring themselves more. For girls like her with bigger dreams she says, one should work hard until or unless you do not reach your goal. Because society will stop you from achieving but if you want it you should achieve it.

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