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Mayur Kalbag – Inspiring story of a transformation Coach and the best-selling Author of ‘Aghori – an untold story’

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Mayur Kalbag is an International Trainer, coach, facilitator and the best-selling author of the book ‘Aghori- an untold story’. He has a demonstrated history of serving big multinational organizations as a specialist ‘Transformation Coach’ for more than two decades. He has helped over 1 Lakh professionals across India, Fiji and other countries with his step by step processes and tools and helped his clients reach amazing new levels of success and happiness in their life.

Mayur has helped professionals make permanent improvements to their personality through his training programs and seminars with his leadership skills and tailored learning solutions for them. He aims to make lasting changes to someone who is at their core. He takes into consideration his clients perceived strength, weaknesses, goals and inspirations and limited beliefs to helps his clients become a better version of themselves.

Needless to say, our ambitions and goals in life are limitless and hence our levels of self faith could shoot through the roof and the circumstance may turn out to be different as we grow older. At times our confidence takes a toll on us owing to certain circumstances in life and that’s where transformational coaches helps and work for us to interpret the experience of the world in a more helpful way and spares no effort to make a better version of ourselves.

Mayur Kalbag’s exhaustive experience and highly recognition in the field knows no bounds. His coaching and sessions stresses about erasing the limiting beliefs and help them look at things differently. His unique mentorship and resplendent inspiration makes his clients look at him as a hope who can steer them towards a more fulfilling life. His intriguing workshops are filled with self affirming activities so that he can create an aura of positively progressive self confidence and sparks something beautiful within his clients and brave inside of them. He spares no effort in spiriting and empowering people to realize their true potential.

The myriad of interesting and intriguing techniques adopted by Mayur during his life coaching session like Animals and birds as metaphors, archery and blow pipe shooting, on Spot developmental feedback (OSDF) so that he can make his training sessions engaging, energizing and empowering for the participants. Millions of professionals have benefitted from his energetic workshops worldwide. His creative avocations such as writing, painting and archery embraced during his seminars sets him apart from the crowd.

Claim to Fame – Mayur Kalbag

– Mayur Kalbag is one of the youngest facilitators to be inducted into the confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

-He has been a consulting Editor and a weekly column-writer for the FIJI SUN Newspaper since the past six years.

– His abstract artworks have been put for exhibition in Switzerland and Nehru Art Centre in Mumbai.

– His novel ‘Aghori – an untold story’ topped the list of Amazon Bestsellers.

His passion for poetry and prose started way 12 years back and since them he had penned down two poetry books named ‘Smile at stress’ and ‘Rising waterfall’. Being an adventurer he tried his hand in his first story writing with ‘Adventures of Poorna’. His last released novel ‘Aghori – an untold story’ that had hit the market in April 2021 is an adventure filled thrilling story about the magical and mystical lives of the most amazingly mysterious Aghori Sadhus (Spiritual Monks). The pages of his book ‘Aghori – an untold story’ may soon turn to the screen adaptation in the form of a web series.

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