An Altruistic personality, Conversation with The Hobby Man of India, Joshua Salins.

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How do you come to the end of becoming an entrepreneur?
It’s a long story. I never intended to be an entrepreneur. It just happened. I wanted to study engineering but also wanted to bring my talent to the world. I have been heavily involved in extracurricular activities since my school days. I play multiple instruments, sing, love theatre, art & craft. I think school was the place that fuelled my hobby learning desire and moulded all my talents. I focused on processing through my passion to help others more than engineering and today, here I am, the founder and CEO of a million-dollar startup ‘The Hobby Tribe’ which provides a career path to artists and hobby enthusiasts.

How to generate new ideas for a startup?
-I feel as an entrepreneur you are just born with a curious mind, and a curious mind always hunts for answers.
-Most of the time your plan does not go as you thought which makes you plan multiple scenarios with different strategies. In doing so a random idea just pops into your mind and that one idea out of a hundred trials can do wonders to your work.
-Another important thing is to have a creative mind and think out of the box. Besides, ideas generally stem from need. You see a problem and your Swift to identify it and solve it.
-I work on my ideas by actively pursuing them, not getting scared of failure. Take a risk, if it works, amazing, if it doesn’t at least you tried.

What made you want to work as a public speaker?
Well, I am talented in speech and uplifting people. I thought why not do that and use my talents to help others, “blessed to be a blessing”. It all started with my love for theatre.

In what ways does the relationship between speaker and audience sustain you and in what ways not?
Audience interaction is vital. I like reading people. I enjoy psychology which makes it easy for me to understand a given crowd just by reading their facial expressions if they like what I am saying or not.

What is unique about your business and what are you working on now?
We are making a difference in India. We are employing musicians, artists and hobby enthusiasts as before pursuing this were looked down upon by society. Through affordability, we are reaching all sectors of society as now anyone can learn a hobby no matter rich or poor. After all, “their happiness is our true reward.”

Why are you nicknamed “The Hobby Man”?
Well, I play multiple instruments. I sing, write songs, poetry, love art & craft, and theatre. Creating The Hobby Tribe was bringing my passion out to the world. Since we were the first pioneers in this space, we termed it The Hobby Tech sector. I was heading this entire operation, my team nicknamed me The Hobby Man.

Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur?
No, there is no pattern or formula. And I am glad there is no otherwise it would just be like how competitive engineering and studying to be a doctor is. Well, it takes certain skill sets to be an entrepreneur that no amount of education can give you. It just stems from the burning desire to make a difference, taking a risk to make the lives of millions better. High risk, High reward.

In your opinion, is public speaking a skill or a talent?
It’s both. You need to have the right skill sets to get to the crowd and the talent of voice modulation and acting.

Lastly, what has been your favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
Well, believe it or not, but the most favourite aspect of me being an entrepreneur is the satisfaction of knowing that I am making a difference in someone’s life. Here at The Hobby Tribe, hobby enthusiasts, artists, musicians are creating a career doing what they love with a good amount of earning. The real high is changing the world.

You may follow him on his Instagram Handle @joshuasalins

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