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  1. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I have completed graduation in B.Com from Satyawati College, University of Delhi and post-graduation in M. Com from IGNOU. I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Education from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi.  I already have 3+ years of experience of being a professional Teacher.  I am always a passionate person to achieve what I want in my life. I am always ready to be awake at night to accomplish my goals and get success in life. I have faced so many obstacles and challenges to touch the stars in the sky that inspired me to write poetry and quotes. I always love to read Novels which help me out to learn more about The Real Life, and inspire me to touch the new heights in my life. Furthermore, I have worked as Co-author of 28+ anthologies and Compiled my own anthologies that are “Beyond My Expectations”, “Comeback”, “Wings To Fly”.  

2) What inspired you to take up writing?

I have always been an ambitious and passionate person from the heart, and burnt myself in midnight oil to fly in the sky. I have faced so many challenges and obstacles during my life to achieve my dream and get success in life. Likewise, I have started writing because I want to express my pain and feelings what I had faced during my life. In my opinion, the writing is one of the best way to express yourself and find yourself in tranquillity.

3)What is your take on plagiarism in the writing community? Any suggestions on how writers can safeguard themselves from such practices?

Plagiarism is an illegal and immoral act to publish content. Although it is good if anyone would like to opt for paraphrasing in which you can add your own ideas. To protect your content from plagiarism, you can install any app available on play store to check plagiarism. And don’t ever provide your unique content to any unauthorised agency.

4)Which is your favorite genre to write on?

I basically love to write on social issues that are faced by youngsters. The basic purpose behind my writings is to remove social evils from the society.

5)Tell us a bit about your writing journey so far.

I have worked as Co-author of 28+ anthologies and compiled 3 books that are “Beyond My Expectations”, “Comeback”, “Wings To Fly”. I have rewarded with “Indian book of Record”, “Kalam’s world Record”, “Bravo International Book of Records”, “Amazing Indian Records”. I have also been rewarded with “Elite Book Award” for my meritorious work. I am always fond of writing quotes, poems and stories. I have participated in various challenges organized by Teekhe Zazbaaat Community. I have also performed in poetry Open Mic at the ‘The First Step’ studio. Furthermore, I have started my own Instagram page which is named as @itz_neha_writes.

6)What according to you is your best literary work till date?

I consider all my literary work very unique and distinctive that put great impact in the mind of every reader but one of my best literary work is poetry that titled as “The World Of Broken Souls” and got published in the anthology “Wings To Fly”. I also like to share it with you here. 

The World of Broken Souls…!!

It was the day of rainbow for her

When she met to an elegant man. 

Whose eyes are sparkling like light of moon

And his cute smile put her 

Into the unique world of love and peace.

Although she is aggressive innately 

But find tranquility when she talks to him

The Voice of him is so mellifluous

That she lost sight of anxiety and stress

And finds herself in peace and harmony.

The day arrived when they met to each other 

And lost into the world of each other.

Both of them get silenced 

And found themselves into the sea of love.

The clouds start bursting

And drops of rain start falling.

Both of them got wet, 

Still find themselves into the room

Where Roses are scattered

And candles are burning

Putting the new ray of hope between

The two beautiful creatures of the world.

But the harsh realities of the cruel world

Took them apart and broke them into pieces.

Both of them get married 

But not with each other,

Instead the one to whom they are completely strangers.

As we are living in the society 

Where to get married to our love is impure relationship.

But to get married with completely strangers is pure.

Where choice of society always considered on the top

Even if it drove someone to took their breath

Or push someone into the world of darkness.

At the end,

I never understand the point that

If social norms are made for the goodness.


Why the majority of the youth are facing depression and committing suicides?

Why are they not the happiest person in the world?

Why are they shedding off tears at night even after having everything?

It was as simple as you think

Nothing but the rigid and ridiculous societal norms. Like…

“Girls should treat her husband as God,

Girls could not join any rituals when she is facing menses,

Girls should get married at the age of 21,

Girls should stay at home after marriage,

And manage household chores and look for children.”

Although these rules are not applicable on our superstars, 

Whatever they do is considered as a modern culture.

They could do anything without having a second thought,

But if a normal girl would do the same.

Then she is shameless and characterless.

Not only this, but also Our Hindu epics and various texts told us that the Deities used to follow polygamy culture in which 

Lord Brahma has 2 wives

Lord Vishnu has 3 wives

Lord Shiva has 2 wives

Lord Ganesha has 5 wives

Lord Kartikeya has 2 wives

And many more …

Which was praised by everyone at every place of India. 

But when a girl falls in love with a boy in the 21st century was considered as crime according to Our Hindu Culture.

The eternal love of lord Krishna towards Radha is lauded and commendable, but the love of a normal girl with a boy is just considered as delinquency according to Hinduism.

It was true to say that We are the part of society where Sculpture of Gods are worshiped because they are considered as symbol of bliss and prosperity while human beings are threatened and harassed especially girls for different reason if they would live life according to their wish and make their own choices. Apart from that, majority of the Indian girls don’t have power to do anything. Or you can say that The power of their life lies in the hands of Male member of the family. Girls are considered as liability for the father till marriage and then husband after marriage and then son in the old age.

Basically, they don’t get any power to decide what actually they want, they want to get, and to whom they want to spend life with.

These kinds of inequalities which itself have no sense and zero credibility become poisonous for many talented creatures. 

These rules are not made for goodness,

But to keep someone under control 

Or Rule over them especially girls..!!!

If someone goes against these so-called nonscientific norms to live his life.

Then, the day is not far away 

When she would lose herself or her dignity.

At most of the places,

People are not living their own life

Rather they live the life of others from birth to death.

They are not supposed to do anything that they want

They are only supposed to do what society expect them to do.

And follow groundless and implausible norms.

Else their character would become a big question in everyone’s eyes.

Which drove them into flames of fire.

Where they were neither happy nor peaceful,

Just living their lives to make other’s happy. 

7)What are your upcoming projects in the literary field?

As I felt that people really appreciate my work and acknowledge my spirit. So, I am looking forward to compile many more anthologies right now. And also working on my own novel.

8)Who is your favorite writer? What would you do if you get to spend a day with your favorite writer?

Although, there are so many writers who become inspiration for me always like  “Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam”, “Preeti Shenoy”, “Chetan Bhagat”, “Robin Sharma”, “Norman Vincent Peale”, “David Schwartz”.

 I always prefer to read novels that become an inspiration for youngsters like me such as “Wings of Fire”, “The Power of Positive Thinking”, ” The Magic of Thinking Big”, “Forge your future”, “Revolution 2020”. These novels filled me with new rays of hope and make me vigourous to accomplish my dreams.

When I was 18 yrs old, I read one novel ‘Life is what you make it’ which was written by Indian Women Writer “Preeti Shenoy”, that really proves inspirational and encouraging for me throughout my life. 

If I ever get chance to meet her, it would really be a pleasure for me and most special day of my life. I just want to say thanks to her with bouquet of flowers to become my inspiration, and would definitely learn to love about writing ideas from her.

9)How does it feel to be an award winner for your amazing work?

I have started writing two years back to bring changes in the life of discouraged and depressed souls as I also suffered this situation during the journey of my life. And, always make them alive with new hope in life. It was really bliss for me if my writings contribute in the life of any person. And, It would definitely be a proud moment for me If I rewarded for my literary work as it took my heart and soul to get it accomplish. So, It would be appreciation and praise for me always to get recognition, that in turn, encourage me to write more in future.

10)What would be your two-line advice to upcoming writers?

According to my point of view, the writers should have good imagination and observation about the real life aspects. The challenges and obstacles faced by us provide the best experiences in life. Every writer just need to keep an eye on such circumstances to have an idea. And he should have good skills to present his ideas and experiences.


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