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Influential Indian Personality Arushi Vats awarded ‘The Pride of India’

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Arushi Vats was recently awarded the prestigious The Pride of India award by Cherry Book Awards, in association with Digital Golgappa. Read below to find out her inspiring story and why she was chosen for this coveted title.

Who is Arushi Vats?

Arushi Vats is a self-published author. She has written 4 books published by Notion Press. Her debut book was Fragile Strings, published in the year 2017. The following year, Arushi published her novel titled When Broken Hearts Meet. In 2020, she returned with her third book which is a collection of short stories. Afterwards, in 2021, she went on publishing a romance novel titled My Better Half Forever. Interestingly, her fourth book received quite a good response from the readers.

Arushi did her master’s in creative Writing in English from Brunel University London. Her passion for writing made her pursue her masters. Besides writing, she enjoys painting, playing a musical instrument, and listening to songs.

Why does Arushi Vats deserve The Pride of India Award?

Arushi overcame several struggles to meet her dreams of being a bestselling author. “One of the major struggles that I had to endure was the acceptance by my family members of continuing the path of author career,” she says. Initially, it was challenging to make them believe that this was the right course for her. The reason behind this is because most members in her family come from a technical background.

Another struggle in her life as an author is the shortage of time. Her parents kept complaining that she was so much occupied with writing the book and not spending enough quality time with them. It has been difficult to juggle both simultaneously. However, she is grateful that they understand this and are very supportive towards her career. 

Arushi is an exemplary example of a modern Indian woman.

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