How Vivek Choudhary Became a Covid Warrior and Helped Hundreds Of People

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Our hero Mr. Vivek Choudhary has helped many people through his Instagram story in this pandemic period: Social media has become very popular for today’s generation. It has truly influenced the people and the entire world. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms today and Vivek Choudhary is a well known face who helped many people in this pandemic period. He helped more than 100 people through his instagram in Covid-19. When people were out of resources, looking for beds and plasma in hospitals, he stood like a pillar and lend a hand to all those in need through his Instagram story. He kept posting about anything and everything round-the-clock. As soon as he would get any information on any needy person, he would post it on his story and was able to find volunteers you were ready to help them. He looked for people  who can provide plasma, hospital beds and help needy people by providing them oxygen cylinders or get them refilled. Vivek collected many leads from different cities. Then he uploaded these to his StoryStory. In the StoryStory, he mentioned the name of the towns and their contact details. That helped many needy people. According to the area, people could easily make contact with the volunteers and get those resources and save their lives like that he becomes a lifesaver for many people.

These stories are known as “StoreWe.” It is a rhyme to StoryStory.  “StoreWe ” is a kind of StoryStory that contains all the information about the volunteers and the needy under the Atma Nirbhar Campaign. It showed the togetherness of people, like how people stand for each other in this pandemic period without relying on the Government or any external source to help themselves.

Instagram stories acts as an entertainment platform for many of us, but it surely can be used to help others and provide information as and when needed.

The world needs help this time. We have to help others and be like Vivek Choudhary We always have to keep it in mind; we can do those things which we want. So always be dedicated and help others to make a better society.

He proved that social media is not merely a  source for entertainment; it can be used to various other reasons.

Instagram Handle link of Vivek Choudhary: @vvkchoudharyy


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