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Cozii, The Rising Artist who is looking out for his own success

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Introducing Cozii, a proud owner of “Snack Town” Shop who is growing day by day with a consistent level of dedication and hard work. Born in Ottawa, ON, he has a dream to be on stage at festivals one day and create collaborations with real Rappers out there that have a business mind.

Talking about his educational background, he went to both Elementary and High School in his hometown of Hawksbury, Ontario. Eventually, he got recruited by Purdue University for a full swimming scholarship and graduated in 2017 with a French Languages and Phonetics degree. Valuing his mentor Patrik Kabongo, Cozii believes that he has played an important role in evolving him and is really grateful for his contribution in his life. He adds, “We have been friends for a while and he has really helped me evolve.”

Cozii is a very artistic and simple person. In his busy schedule with loads of work pressure, he makes time for Skateboarding, Painting, and Cooking. Since his childhood, he realized that creativity was his thing. He used to paint, draw, write poetry, and skateboard whenever he felt low and wanted to freshen himself up. Being nostalgic about his childhood, he mentions that at the age of 10, he became a part of a swim team in a small town in Canada. And with the passage of time, he got better and better until he reached the competitive level where he went ahead to reach multiple Team Canada competitions. He adds that he was also a part of the Purdue Men’s Swim team in the NCAA and almost went to the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. 

But sharing his struggle, he mentions that he gave all that up due to anxiety and depression from this sport and decided to get back home and tap back into his childhood. He believes that whatever he is doing and whatever he has earned was with the only motive to provide wealth for his grandchildren’s grandchildren so that they get a fully equipped and happy life. He adds, “My goal is to create wealth for the world, but to those who are ignored and shoved aside by the media.” With more and more experience, he realized the thing he longed for was the thought of a better world. His family and wife motivated him to work relentlessly in spite of numerous disparities. 

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