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CHAWLA JAYA is a prolific writer with great command on language and emotions

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CHAWLA JAYA is a beginner in writing; still, she is prolific in her language and emotions. She brings her feelings out in an uncomplicated manner. She loves to write her heart during the free hours.

She has completed her Bachelor’s degree in the MICROBIOLOGY field. She is right now pursuing masters in INDIA. She hails from Vadodara, Gujarat. .She believes in doing everything possible that makes her grow in anything she is into; that is her character and personality. Soon her work of publishing a chapter in Elsevier will be completed that means she is already an achiever in her field that she is been studying for career.

Moreover, she strongly believes that writing is one of the best ways to express what you are feeling. You can write what you can’t express in voice or you are not comfortable to…. So, her self esteem is to communicate through words doesn’t matter they extraordinary or sophisticated or simple. She adores writing and being captivated with it is what she finds essential as writer. 

Literature and writing has never been her field but she loves to write and convey that to people out there in uncomplicated manner. It’s like a hobby of free time yet if this society appreciates her writing it would be a great honor to her is what she expects. She has although worked as co-author in many anthologies and this is how she started to share her write-ups with the world. 

She has recently written a book named,” ENTRANCE GATE OF THE WORLD” which is published by Dream publishers. She has shared below what is book all about and what it mainly it accommodates to.

An excursion from “Belly to Tomb”. This excursion starts from the passage door of the world – WOMB of mother.  

This expedition is very abundant and beautiful filled with lessons, hardships, heartaches, joys, celebrations and special moments that will ultimately lead us to our destination, our purpose in life.

In the process of becoming who we are, and as we travel  through life, from conception to death we change and mature  physically, psychologically, and socially

This book basically is about, recalling all Graces you have, don’t  drive yourself to be thankful, it will fall into place easily when you  essentially remember a couple of gifts you have or had and when   you STOP crying with regards to a huge piece of minor things in  your regular day to day existence, basically revolve around the  whole picture, don’t get annoyed concerning little things and there  is people failing miserably from hunger each second

This book gives every one of the critical advices Love yourself somewhat more consistently. 

To wrap things up , NEVER accept that you are a mobile  wonder or some superhuman who merits everything , you are  NORMAL , actually like Billions of people from the beginning of time  and future ,all have flaws, all have a terrible side and a decent side ,  we as a whole did awful things in our lives which cause us to feel  embarrassed, so quit making a decision about everything and just  adjudicator yourself ,put forth a concentrated effort and work on  your activities, open your psyche to new possibilities ,your deeds  are the solitary thing to make your great side beats your awful one.

This book is already available on social platform like Amazon and flipkart. The e-book is also available on kindle and goodreads as well. This book is highly rated by people till now with all positive feedbacks.  In addition to this CHAWLA JAYA is been awarded as, “AUTHOR OF THE YEAR” by Dream publishers for her book.

The genre of the book is self-help and self-development and it continuously emphasizes the notion of self-love since it is only through it that we may appreciate and comprehend the complexities of happiness. 

She strongly holds this point that “No One ‘Has It All’, because ‘having It All’ Doesn’t Exist.” Happiness can be found anywhere, but we are often too preoccupied with negativity. Life is a delightful journey that is intended to be embraced to the fullest consistently. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you generally awaken prepared to hold onto the day, and now and again need an update that life is an extraordinary gift. 

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