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Born to Shine: – Priyanshi Nawab living her dream.

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The lights shine down and the poetry works surrounds her.
Born and raised in Indore. Priyanshi Nawab is a girl soaring the skies in the field of poetry and also she has self-published her book in the age of 18.

What a person expects in his/her life ? It is but obvious that he/she will surely think about money, standards, name, fame, etc.
But thinking and doing is way different thing. And Priyanshi is a girl who is working hard with at most determination to fulfill her dreams.
Anyone can just see others reaching heights, but the struggle behind everyone ignores.

Priyanshi has completed her higher studies from “The Emerald Heights International School, Indore”. She is a national player of Netball and has achieved awards in inter-school competitions and many more. She is now doing her under graduation from MIT-WPU, Pune. She has that capability to dream big and achieve big.

She used to say: – “Always remember one thing, live the life beautifully. Life is a one time gift and we don’t know how much or how many years we will live. So, do everything your heart says you.”

Priyanshi is working as a typist in one of the renowned publication industry-“DREAM PUBLISHERS”. Priyanshi is a kind-hearted girl, she loves to see others happy. She want to be a socialist, and yes she has dedicated her life to her parents who are supporting her in every ways they can.

Priyanshi also has one dream that she could send all the mothers to their home who are living in an old age home. Seeing mothers apart from their home, she feel very disappointed that she is helpless. But she want to take an initiative for all those mothers. Because Priyanshi has a very strong bond with her mother and she thinks that if a mother is carrying you for the whole 9 months in her belly, suffering from pains that can never be imagined, then a mother deserve nothing but love, care for her from her children.

Besides, being an author we can say Priyanshi is a multi-talented personality. She just want support else she will reach heights and too will build a personality that will rule everyone’s heart.

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