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Vikas Santosh Patil says Political Leaders and Officials Should maintain peace

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Vikas Santosh Patil has distributed an open letter for the Political Leaders, officials in the city of pachora. He says- At present there are different agitations for different issues in Pachora city and taluka. But unfortunately all these agitations were not for the masses only for show and, It seems to be happening in offensive language. In this, BJP leader and office bearer as well as Shiv Sena leader and office bearer are being seen. Leaders and office bearers are talking at the lowest level. Are seen speaking. Basically, the culture of our Pachora taluka is the culture of the late. K. M. (Bapu) Patil, late. Omkar (Appa) Wagh, late. R. O. (Tatya) Patil, late. We are still proudly recounting the legacy of Supadu Bhadu Patil.

Vikas Santosh Patil’s open letter, source:

Vikas Santosh Patil Says- Till date, the leaders of any political party, while carrying out mass movement against the government, have done the same thing to the government officials in the taluka. But today the people of all the talukas are open Seeing with the naked eye. Whose fault is it? Who did the good deeds? It is more important to solve the problem of the people than to realize it. Due to this political issue, the basic issues are left aside and all the government officials and employees in the taluka. They are seen participating in all activities other than public works. The talukas of political leaders are on the verge of extinction. We are going to get Kav by doing politics in such a way. This is what we need to introspect.

Vikas Patil’s open letter, source:

And the special ones are the people’s representatives who were dealt with by the people. The public is watching how those people speak. What is your party’s ideology? Needless to say. Question problem, agitation for the masses Is essential. But all of that is being used to create havoc on government systems My party and I have a clear view that it should be for the work of the people.

What political culture are we inculcating in our taluka when there are innumerable questions of the people. It is very important for the leaders and office bearers of these two political parties to think about this. What political legacy are we going to carry?

Vikas Patil elaborates that Fighting is not the political culture of our taluka at all, but for the farmers Shingada Morcha is our true culture for their questions. But Not against any political party but against government policy. Also, quietly, the most important dams, reservoirs and floodplains in this taluka are our identity.

This is the identity of Pachora taluka. Most Irrigation Projects, Agricultural Produce Market Committee, Farmers Co-operative Union, Nirmal Seeds, New Bus Stand, Railway Station, Fertilizer Factory, Jabeen Educational Project, and Civilized Hardworking Man.
Is. And should be. In the coming period in your taluka. Large industrial projects for the masses, water for agriculture,
Employment for youth, employment for women. Which ones do you have when it comes to intimate questions?

Going in the direction. We are. Intuitive reasons for this are needed. Development work should be politicized no matter how much we swear. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! Politics should be done to solve the problems of the people. Constructive, to be together for development, to fight the issues of the people, in front of us, in front of our taluka, * there are many issues before the people and we

Priority should be given to the solution. That they should exercise restraint, cultivate in a manner that does not spoil the atmosphere in the taluka. The public is watching. What we are going to inherit from the next generation in the taluka. Is politics good or byte? This. In the minds of the masses. It is your responsibility to create. Anyway !. Vikas Patil has requested that, BJP-Shiv Sena leaders, office bearers and activists have a open request. Keep peace and harmony. This is the opinion of the taluka president of NCP and Hon. Corporator Vikas Santosh Patil has expressed his displeasure.


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