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Ruchir Jha has seen it all from Content Managing to Creation with a vision of Getting into Pop Culture with Music and Lifestyle!

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Here’s to the story of Ruchir Jha, a guy with a dream of making the Indian Version of Hype House
Ruchir Jha is a director and actor, known for Kakudmi – A Mythological Thriller (2021).
Esports—a digital media format where virtual game-play is streamed as video content, just like football matches, with players raking in millions has seen a surge in pandemics. Not only that due to the time of social distancing, self-quarantine, and containment, watching other people playing online games from computers and TV screens has surged.  Ruchir Jha has planned for a Content house with similar minded and creative creators to grow the content scene in India,Earlier the pop culture consisted of Entertainment, Fashion, music but now there’s a whole world ahead of GenZ and they all are ready to Conquer it! Since many are taking Content Creation as a serious career option nowadays, There’s a lot to be done, to convince Indian Parents to let their child follow their passion…Wait wait, only if you have the passion and dedication for what it takes!
A quote Ruchir follows to live by is “You have to dream big before doing big”

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