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Suit your fashion purpose through a stylish cowboy hat

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Do you know that cowboy hats are available in different categories? Yes, that’s right. Cowboy hats are a classic accessory for men inspired by famous celebs that people have seen on screen. You have cowboy hats that go with the western attire and a cowboy hat that goes with a formal occasion. Do you also have cowgirl and cowboy hats that are very much in trend? You have every reason to be surprised. 

Now and then, you have different categories of cowboy and cowgirl hats popping up in the market to grab your attention. Along with this, you also have cowgirl hats covering the fashion industry with vigor. As a hat wearer, you must be cautious of these categories because you want to create an impression. Remember that your personality and sense of style are revealed by what you wear. Hence, when you know of different categories of hats, you can complement your character with the same. 

Want to go deep into different categories of cowboy hats? 

Now that you have decided you want to invest your money in cowboy and cowgirl hats, it’s time to understand the unique categories of this headwear popping up in the market. Whether it’s western wear or eastern wear, these hats are there to suit every purpose. Hence, you must be knowledgeable of these categories. 

Cattleman cowboy hats

The most common and traditional category of cowboy hats is the cattlemen. It features a crown, curled brim and center crease. Cattleman cowboy hats are the conventional category of cowboy hats that have a different appeal and bohemian vibe.


Coming to yet another cowboy hat, which is a modified version of the cattleman headwear, is the brick. It has a square crown, rectangular, single dent that gives a distinctive appeal to the wearer. Brick-style cowboy hats have gained attention in the youngster’s lot. Today, you have people experimenting with these options and grabbing every attention. 

The gambler saga

Well, well, well. The gambler cowboy hat has never gone out of fashion. These headwear feature a flat, large brim with a flat crown. The gambler cowboy headwear gives a distinctive edge to the wearer and makes them look highly appealing. Moreover, it has that casual appeal that cannot get created with any other category of cowboy hats. 

The Derby style

The Derby style is a western ensemble. It is the conventional headwear that features a dimple-free or distinct round crown. Moreover, western derbies come with slightly curled up and long brims. 

Pinch front style

If you want to look unique amongst others, you can go with pinched front headwear. As the name reveals, pinched front headwear features a v-shaped crown with two pinches located in the front. These are ideal for casual get together and even official parties. Remember that the pinched front headwear gives a magnificent appeal to the wearer and makes them look distinct in the crowd. 

The gus

Gus cowboy headwear features a frontal slope and high crown with three distinct deep dents located on the crown. These are available in different materials, shapes, styles, and sizes. Also, the Gus cowboy headwear comes with a chin strap that fits the head skillfully and thereby is the best option you will find in the market. 

Tom mix

Tom mix is also a renowned headwear. It is similar to Gus but has a large and dramatic appeal. Some also come in several colors and textures. Moreover, different fabrics help construct womens cowgirl hats with almost every attire. 

Open crown

Popularised by Hollywood celebrities, open crown headwear feature a dramatic crown, typically dent free and rounded. These have a completely different appeal and go well with the official attire. Moreover, people are experimenting with their looks and featuring these hats in red carpet events these days. 

Which brands deal in a cowboy hat? 

Now that you know so much about the different categories of cowboy hats, it’s time to delve deep into the brands. You name any hat brand in the western world as they deal in cowboy hats. Remember, most of the well-known brands have come up with their cowboy hat style that adds to the categories. Dating back to the 1920s, various companies have offered a vast selection of long-lasting rugged western cowboy hats. Even in contemporary times, trusted manufacturers are experimenting with their options and developing trendy cowboy headwear. 

Whenever you choose a cowboy hat over other alternatives, you must pay attention to the quality. The more you pay attention to the quality, the better will be your selection. Moreover, it would help if you got your cowboy hat from a trusted agency because it assures you quality fabric. There are high-end headwears that come with high ratings. Hence, whether it is fur or straw, the blend you get will be long-lasting and impressive. 

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