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Adrija Choudhury, a Tarot Card Reader, Reiki, and Candle healer, guide people towards their best self through her accurate psychic readings

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Have problems found your path in life? Can’t meet the right partner? Keep attracting Toxic and Narcissistic connections? Time to switch careers? It sounds like you might need some spiritual guidance.

Tarot reading holds an extraordinary place in our culture that goes well beyond the pop-culture stereotypes. Unlike the stereotypes, it doesn’t predict the future but enables us to figure it out. If the magic of these cards bedazzles you, then the tarot reader can assist you with a quick glimpse into your unpredictable future. There are always moments when we think about who to go with – our mind or our heart, and we all stress about the consequences of what will happen if we choose either. Foreseeing the future is one thing everybody secretly wishes to possess but that’s something out of our control. So, till the time you don’t possess the ability, here is Adrija, a well-known certified tarot card reader who’ll help you find the answers to your questions. How your choices affect your future. Read on!

Adrija Choudhury is internationally renowned for her Tarot card reading and Reiki energy healing. She is an uber millennial-friendly reader who talks extensively about aligning your chi and attaining positive vibes. Born and raised in Bongaigaon, Assam, she is a Tarot Therapist and Psychic with nearly 3 years of experience under her belt. She started her profession of Tarot Card Reading with a feeling of getting connected with her intuitions & predictions to enhance her knowledge in the same direction after resigning from her corporate job. Her list of holistic experiences includes a Tarot-card reader, Reiki master, Candle healer, and LOA coach. She believes that today, Tarot card reading has not only become a channel for control and certainty, but also a means to create ritual and rhythm in an otherwise monotonous, disruptive period.

In times as uncertain as these, more and more people are turning to the stars for guidance. As such, spirituality is entering our lives every day. When something goes wrong, we know to blame it on Mercury being in retrograde; when contemplating the best time to ask for a pay rise, we might first consult the planetary alignments; and when it comes to choosing a mate, we take the assistance of astrologer or Tarot card reader to know about the one. Adrija is blessed with such a gift of clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience, intuitions, and mystical experience to help you solve your problems. She is a tech-savvy reader as she uses technology for higher accuracy. She is a pioneer in healing via phone and internet sessions, allowing her to serve clients all over India. She has done over 3500 readings across 130+ countries and is also notable for her expertise in healing.

She says, “I am just the guide, I will do my best to help you in the most empathetic and kind way. As someone with diagnosed complex PTSD, I understand the pain and I understand how we can become our worst enemy with our choices. I will do my best to ensure you reconnect with your best self and see yourself the way you truly are – unique”. Her passionately drawn cards reveal the most intrinsic details of a person’s life which brings a great change in life. Her readings fascinate, intrigue, and provide the most accurate answers. She has the perfect explanations for concerns and situations which plague the human mind. The issue could be concerning any aspect related to life, she provides authentic answers through her celestial tarot deck.

Apart from being a Tarot Therapist, she also runs a small fast food cafe in her hometown. She has an ambition of establishing food and water dispensers in all the colonies of her hometown for stray animals. She also inclines toward sketching, painting, making homemade products like soaps, candles & resin products, and even sells them too. Moreover, she is passionate about women’s empowerment, therefore, contributes pepper spray giveaways every month to ensure self-defense. Adrija was awarded the “Women Leadership Award 2022” for her tireless efforts towards her journey of being a leader in the community and for her outstanding contributions to her field and society.

Follow her on Instagram  @hekate_guidance


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