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Shyraa Roy Reveals her Hollywood Debut secret 

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Miss Trans Pakistan Shyraa Roy making her ways to Hollywood by a featured documentary on a Pakistani Trans beauty queen.

We have heard a lot of wonders taking place for Transwomens around the globe yet there is another piece of appreciation for Pakistan for the first time in history a trans-Pakistani beauty queen is all set to enter Hollywood.

Shyraa Roy

Shyraa Roy former Miss Trans Pakistan is going to attend film festivals of the biggest Hollywood festival chains happening around the world where she will represent her Featured Documentary on a Trans beauty queen from Pakistan

Shyraa Roy is a Pakistani singer and actress who have debuted in Raat and gave decent enough Music Singles like Kamli and Duniya in the Music industry but now since she got the title of Miss Trans for 2021 and 2022 she is going to make it big by her First Documentary as a Trans beauty queen to become an inspiring example for the world where she is breaking the stigma and making her country’s name bigger and better in the side of LGBTQ.

not only that Shyraa’s Director Sonia Ahmed is fully prepared to introduce Dr. Shafaq Akhtar’s  Documentary on the first Christian Miss Pakistan Universal from the country. She has already did worked as a director in a short documentary called I Shall Dance and the Pakistani feature ‘Na Band Na Barati’

Shyraa Roy who got fame overnight by becoming a voice for the Trans community from Pakistan might walk into the next Oscars or Cannes Film festival with her determination and hard work of making into Films and Music.

Shyraa hails from Punjab in Pakistan where she always got discrimination from her friends and family and was neglected by society for a long span of time even later she had to leave her house in order to maintain the reputation of her family, shyraa was not even able to feed herself properly according to her, She said “I use to sometimes only drink water to fill up my stomach because there was no money for food and I was staying at a friend’s studio as a favor on me”

Shyraa Roy Images

We may have entered 2022 but still, the challenges faced by the trans community in Asia are superbly problematic and horrifying sometimes, Shyraa Roy is definitely an inspiration and we can’t wait to see her cinematic debut in the face of her Featured Documentary be directed by Sonia Ahmed (President Pakistan’s Beauty Pageant

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