Can You Count the Number of Triangles in This Image? Only 1% Get it Right

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The comments section soon became a debating ground as many users put forward their count.

It is the first working day of the week and if you are still suffering from the Monday blues and your mind is not into work mode after a rejuvenating weekend, here is something for you that should get your brain working and back on track. This optical illusion is one of the many puzzles that TikToker Hectic Nick stuns his fans with. And as with all of them, this, too, has created a flutter online. This time, he has shared a video of a triangle, or rather several triangles, but there lies a catch. How many triangles the image is made up of is something you can’t decipher easily.

“Only one per cent of people can get this right,” said Nick in the video. “How many triangles are in this image?” He then gave his viewers some time to examine the image. The image contains many more triangles than you might assume at first glance. The gigantic primary triangle is, of course, easily visible along with some smaller ones towards the top of the overall structure but other shapes are filling the rest of the image.

The comments section soon became a debating ground as many users put forward their count, countered others and stood their ground. Many thought the answer was just 1 as the other shapes were not complete triangles. Some went beyond limits, being able to see up to 100 triangles.

Remember that you can make triangles out of the smaller shapes to get the correct answer. It’s also not necessary for all of them to be equilateral triangles. Some will have shorter sides and narrower bases. Are you all set for the final tally? Well. We have the solution for you.

In total, there are eighteen triangles in the image. If you have been able to guess it right, Congratulations! You fall in the rare 1 percent of the population who can get the solution right.

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