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Meet Shubham Sharma, Indian Journalist and Editor-in-Chief of ‘Khabar Satta’

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Shubham Sharma is a journalist from Seoni, Madhya Pradesh. He founded India’s news website ‘Khabar Satta’ because he has a passion for journalism.

The talk of successful people is unique and there is something special to learn from successful people. Their thoughts on the success achieved by successful people are very important because it is their thoughts that tell their experience. And everyone knows that such thoughts also act as a lifesaving herb for our lives. So let’s talk today about Shubham Sharma, the founder and editor of Khabar Satta news portal, Shubham Sharma is a journalist from India who comes from Seoni district of Madhya Pradesh. He started ‘Khabar Satta’, a news portal in December 2017 because Shubham Sharma is fond of journalism since childhood.

News portal Khabar Satta prepared by journalist Shubham Sharma In the initial times, the local used to cover the news and local issues of his own city. But after seeing the news, after Seoni district, Madhya Pradesh and now the whole country is working continuously as a platform to help the society by discussing many topics, such issues are often seen in the news power. It should be in the interest of the general public and they should not go unnoticed by the politicians.
During his difficult years, journalist Shubham Sharma started his career as a journalist in many local news papers and also gave his services, only after that when Shubham himself took the news to the public, then also as an anchor. He appeared.
With the past experience of journalist Shubham Sharma, now he is also the founder and editor of Khabar Satta. Shubham Sharma impressed the audience with his language style and different perception. From the very beginning, Shubham Sharma has been keeping the problems of the general public in front of the administration and politicians.
Journalist Shubham Sharma seems to say, “Journalists, now more than ever, play an important role in society. You can argue, but haven’t they been playing that role from the very beginning? Yes, they are the printing press. Have been doing this since the invention of the U.S.. If you want to change the world, journalism is always a better short-term tool.”
Shubham Sharma’s writing style was greatly appreciated by the public, and his work has been published in many newspapers and news websites across the country, Shubham Sharma continued to write. The broken mandate, as well as other horse-trading-related posts, was a huge hit.

Apart from her interest in reading and writing, she loves to travel and explore new places and its culture. Watching movies and listening to music relaxes them. Shubham Sharma has a positive outlook towards life, as he says, “Every new day is a new learning and we can learn from anyone.”

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