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As communities cope with the extraordinary impact of COVID-19, many of us are facing the most challenging times in nearly a generation. As such, digital marketing has never been more relevant and necessary for businesses of all sizes to ensure they can be found by consumers online, than in the current scenario.

Digital Marketing has helped countless clients to overcome a wide variety of challenges, in terms of their business and personal brands. Brick-and-mortar stores have been forced to close their doors as social distancing and self-isolation have taken priority over traditional business and shopping practices. This reality has rapidly accelerated the importance of how we do business. E-commerce transactions and millions of people who were previously reluctant to purchase goods or services over the internet are now dipping their toes in the digital waters.

The Rags To Rich Story Of Markuss Hussle

Sailing the endless waves of Digital Marketing can be quite undulating without the presence of an expert Digital Marketer. Markuss Husslecame to the poverty of Latvia and went to venture into Digital Marketing, from scratch.

After having moved to the UK at the age of 10, he began hustling from a small age. His graciousness of managing the household and supporting his mom from such a tender age is what we need our millennials to be inspired by, in this era. Markuss Hussle, one of the growing Entrepreneurs cum Digital Marketers built his venture Automarketer Club, a Marketing Agencies support hub from scratch.

He built a 6 figure marketing agency in 18 months and currently runs 4 businesses simultaneously. The X-Factor about this charismatic and intuitive man is the fact that he was able to retire his mum last Christmas when he was only 22 years old.

Programs By Automarketer Club

Markuss’s students also have made huge business and done well for themselves with over £250k combined with my coaching. He is currently helping people build their own successful business and earn thousands whilst we’re going through a global pandemic.

Markuss says, ‘We offer a money-back guarantee on our course, and so far after over 100 students that have gone through the course – not a single one has asked for their money back so we have a 100% client satisfaction.’ This marketing agency provides courses, virtual assistants, website templates for agency owners, marketing students, and so on. Markuss says, ‘I am here to change the SMMA game forever. I’m not here to take part, I’m here to take over.’

The role technology and digital marketing are playing in businesses, commerce, communication, and healthcare is proving to be a critical part of our success. Resisting the digital transformation would be folly in this scenario.

Companies that embrace these changes will add the most value to their customers’ lives, be in the best position to grow, and perhaps make the world a better place. Markuss states this famous quote by Coco Channel, ‘The best things in life are free, second best are very expensive.’ To stay updated and connected with Markuss Hussle, check out his Website.


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