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Hasan Almajidy is a Successful musician from Iraq

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Hasan Almajidy is an influential music artist in Iraq as well as a famous composer and music producer who started his musical life in 2019. He was a successful and influential artist in his country Iraq. He was born in 1996 in Baghdad of Iraqi origin. He is the first developer and contributor to the music industry and got the largest monthly listener on music platforms He is also a contributor with his friends in artistic production and digital distribution of music. His first show is at the Baghdad Festival in Iraq, and he won an award in 2020. He was a developer in the music industry and acoustics, he founded Almajidy Company for artistic production and digital distribution, which is more famous in the month of Muharram under the Shiite Islamic Tus About the witness of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, who was martyred with his friends, and is his home who was martyred in the holy Karbala in Iraq, as well as he is one of the pioneers of workers and entrepreneurs, and I have an interview on a TV channel that talks about the Internet in Iraq. He is also an expert in e-shoppingAll social media with music artist Hasan Almajidy

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