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Glantor X Top 100 Winners of Nation Choice Author & Education Awards Announced

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Glantor X is renowned for its strategic planning in market and research. It is one of the trusted organizations widely appreciated for its results. The methods & processes implemented in Glantor X are proven to be effective for targeted marketing through market segregation and sorting. They are flexible enough to be modified as per the client’s requirements. Its strategic approaches and tactical moves helped it stand out in the market. 

For a while, it’s been in the news to organize a series of award ceremonies to recognise and appreciate people from various fields. Recently, Glantor X organized ‘Glantor X Nation Choice Author & Education Awards’ to honour the top authors of this society. They have contributed to making this place a better place to live and helped bring a positive change in society. Glantor X congratulated the winners for their achievements.

The awardees who won the honour with their excellence in their field are Miss.V. Srinidhi, Dr Kuldeep Kaur, Shiny Bhattacharya, Smitha Nair, Seva Rathna. Dr. B. Beviston, Akash Mallareddy, Jothi Murugan P M.Sc., M.Sc., M.A., M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil, Gembu Sree Laxmi, Dr.S.Prabakaran, Prof. Doctor Hemantraya G. Biradar, Aishwarya Tiwari, Dr.Dinesh Sabnis, Counselor Rima K, Dr Sanjeevkumar Nemali, Dr. Sagar A. Jawale, Suma Choudhari, Miss.Srinidhi Vijayaraghavan, DR Angela Khanna, Prof Vani Ramesh, Smitha Nair, Dr.Proshanta Kumar Dutta, Bipasha Majumder (De), Garima Mishra, Gaytri Rao, Vishal Reddy, Monika Pal, Priya Lokare, Dr. J. Madhusudhanan, ASHA MANO, Deepali Bajaj, Dishari Neogy, Dr. Lipika Modi, Anand A Devchakke, Randeep Nandal, Dr.Mansav Arora (Honoris Causa), Sumantra Aarya, Anuj Harshwardhan Sharma, Dr. Ashok Kumar Koshariya, Dr Ashok Kumar Koshariya, Naseha Sameen, Yash Tiwari, Gayatri Rao, Dr. Suvrashis Sarkar, Kinjal Shah, V V M Phani Prasad, Albab Quddusi, Malavika Balasubramanian, Renuka Gangan, Priyanka Kumari, Angela Khanna, John Giftah, Dr. Mintu Gogoi, ANU RADHA, Guruskoolz, Jogeshwar Durgadas Borkar, Melissa Stuart, Anil Kumar Singh, Dr Rajesh Chaudhary, Niravkumar Makadiya, Dr. Bhari Sharanesha Manjunatha, Dr. Muteeba Naz, Dr Avnesh Sharma, N.V.S.Ramprasad Kesiraju, Shaikh Muntajeeb Shaikh Babu, Dr Mohammad Safdar Mustafa, Shuba.R and Vandana Engineer.

GlantorX’s debut into the marketing industry is challenging the competitors in the field. It is one of the fastest-growing market research and ranking company. The organisation specialises in creating various algorithms to research, segregate, and sort the market into different groups for targeted marketing, per the client’s needs. GlantorX boasts that it performs analysis considering various market aspects and different perspectives, and hence it succeeds in satisfying its customers. GlantorX is appreciated for its accuracy in its research.

In this developing world, there are various ways of marketing. A marketing agency has to be good enough to use resources to maximize its results efficiently. Ultimately, it is the desired growth of the product or service, and Glantor X is great at reaping good fruits from the resources it has access to. Modern Marketing & Advertising techniques offered by GlantorX allow you to generate more sales, reduce content costs, maximize your reach and protect your brand reputation. The company boasts that its comprehensive research considering various factors and perspectives enabled it to grow faster and satisfy its customers. 

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