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A small talk with Mehak Sardana- “The Real Bosslady.”

Having grown in a joint Indian business family, my father has always been an exceptional inspiration for shaping me into the woman I am. I always looked up to him and aspired to be a businesswoman. Dining table conversations ensured that the fairytale entailed an independent, empowered, and confident woman.

I started my career and stepped out of my hometown’s comfort to explore metropolitan life. After graduating from Delhi, I worked under exceptional leaders, realised the value of hard work, moulded my professional self, and understood the stakes, ethics I would trade, and more.

An extremely close incident to my heart would always be of that day when I opened the forum in front of the then Prime Minister- Dr Manmohan Singh and got a sense of accomplishment with a chill in my spine. Owing to the privilege I had to explore industries, I went on to work with an educational institution as their personality development expert. That experience had me taking care of the entire branch, travelling up and down cities making me an entrepreneur in the organisation.

After that, I started my first venture in designing learning systems and more. All these ventures went on to be profitable, but I still had not encountered my “Aha moment.”

I got married in Jan 2012. My husband is also an entrepreneur by heart and profession. We share an exceptional love for building things ground up and have always supported each other through thick and thin.

The idea of “The bosslady” was hands down on my “Aha moment”. I have never been fond of applying makeup and relied on my mom and Nani’s home skincare nuskas. 

The bosslady is an ode to every woman who shapes, nurtures and fills everything with love. The bosslady is entirely organic, natural and made for all the boss ladies out there. All our ingredients are extracted from their best origin and processed with utmost delicacy with hands.

It’s been an exhilarating journey, and I am extremely glad to embark on it.

Few of our products to swear by are- 

The Gold Serum contains grapeseed oil mixed with Argan oil and almond. 

It has 24 ct real gold in it. 

Provides a flawless glass-like glow leaving the skin blooming. 

Another one is our exclusively introduced Almond Oil body wash and wheat germ induced body lotion are the perfect picks for this winter season.

My personal favourite is Coffee Lip Balm which I never forget to carry.

Looking Forward Launches-

  1. Under Eye Serum –

Infused with finest coffee beans.

Relaxes puffy and dull eyes and reduces dark circles.

  • Onion Hair Oil-

Contains natural herbs like hibiscus, fenugreek, bhringraaj, rosemary and curry leaves blended with onion oil. It’s the best hair tonic for healthy and lustrous hair.

Here’s to womanhood, here’s to the boss lady in each and every one of us. 

Try our products and feel the difference



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