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Meet with the Youngest Actor, Musician and YouTuber with millions of subscribers Mayank Singh Rajawat.

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Mayank Singh Rajawat is an Indian actor, Musical artist and YouTuber with millions of subscribers, he is also a founder and CEO of MSR Record Label. he is also known as Influencer and internet celebrity in Kanpur & now he is working with many indian artists. He was born on 13 August 2004.
Biography – 
Mayank Singh Rajawat is an Indian Musical artist and actor and YouTuber with millions of subscribers and also founder and CEO of MSR Record Label. He was born on 13 August 2004 (age 18). Mayank Singh Rajawat is from hindu religion and His father’s name is Ram Babu Singh who is an (Government Employee ) and his mother’s name is Pappi Devi (House Wife). He has three elder sister’s. Mayank Singh Rajawat has been interested in, acting, music technology, mobile, computers since childhood, as well as he also takes a lot of interest. He studied from Children’s Care Higher Secondary School till class 5th and after 5th He studied from Bhagwanti Education Center (ISC Board ) till 12th. Recently se passout 12th board exams.Now he is completing his graduation ( B.S.C ) from Swami Vivekanand Subharti University Private university in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. He lives in Kanpur and Delhi.

Mayank Singh Rajawat started his career at the age of 16 in Kanpur, as a actor and music producer. Later he started releasing his originals songs on major streaming platforms. He first released on Spotify in 2020 and then after a few months he released his music on many others international platforms like Deezer, Apple Music, Itunes, Amazon Music, Boomplay, JioSaavan, Tiktok, Facebook & Instagram.He think that music can change the world Mayank Singh Rajawat is best known for his “Lofi Song” and And Many More on Spotify and other music streaming platforms, he also got quiet popular through his short love story videos, album songs and reels also.
Moreover, being driven by high-energy communications, the problem-solving mechanism comes naturally to him. Mayank Singh Rajawat has achieved success at a really young age of 16, Mayank Singh Rajawat changed his life and made his own identity. He also give chances and opportunity to independent artist to show their talent to world through his platform. He also welcome all the artists to come together and showcase their respective talent. He think that When a person is deeply passionate about doing something, the result is always positive. Something like this has also happened with Mayank Singh Rajawat.
He has a YouTube channel named Mayank Singh Rajawat. He is a verified creator on YouTuber with millions of subscribersAfter building a strong presence in the music industry, he created a YouTube channel which he uses for music and also to teach, provide tips, guide and help fellow producers & artist to fit in the world of Music. At the age of 16, he made his own identity in YouTube as a animation and musical YouTuber, after that “Mayank Singh Rajawat” in Kanpur where he start making his short story videos, Album song, web series, etc. through his acting ? skills, he goes quit popular.

Born – 13 August 2004
Full Name – Mayank Singh Rajawat ( Manku)
Height – 5.10 inch
Wait – 55 – 60kg
Relation – Single
Professions – Actor / Youtuber /Musical Artist 
Knows for – YouTuber
City – Kanpur 
State – Uttar Pradesh 
Country – India
Religion – Hindu
We Hope he will get chance in Bollywood to represent his talent, So follow Mayank Singh Rajawat on their social media accounts, For Daily update, He also releases his all official album songs in his YouTube channel, So subscribe now.
The secret recipe to realize success is to remain working hard. “There aren’t any shortcuts to achieve on top. After all, life isn’t an elevator. You’ve to climb the steps called trying, failing and repeating until you reach your destination called success”, quotes the celebrated Indian Artist Mayank Singh Rajawat.Besides, he is also a social media influencer thus making him a top celebrity manager as well. He culminates all his activities over YouTube making things big over the web landscape.He set his aim to form his own Mayank’s Music Company, India’s top Music company. He also trying to step into Bollywood and in line with a number of large filmmakers.
Social Media : – Instagram – @mayank_officail1306Facebook – Mayank Singh Rajawat


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