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Content Creator Mudasir Farooq aka Koshur Kalakar, inspiration for Kashmiri youth.

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Mudasir Farooq founder of koshur kalakar is proved that somebody is skilled and prepared to accomplish difficult work, the way to progress isn’t excessively far. Due to his unique content style and meaningful videos he has managed to get over 6 lakh followers on youtube and Facebook.

From a small-town boy to one of the well-known YouTubers the journey was not that easy. Born in Sopore, Mudasir always had a passion to do something different since his childhood days. He wanted to change the monotonous thinking of the society that a government job is necessary for living. His determination and passion to bring the change made him what he is today, though the way was full of struggle as he thought of making his own YouTube channel in 2018.

Mudasir founded the koshur kalakar youtube channel in Late 2018 and since then he has never looked back.

Koshur Kalakar—Kashmiri Innovators—is a source of entertainment, local in flavor to give people a chance to vent their mental distress in the region in absence of cinemas. The channel was established in March 2018 and since then it has achieved remarkable feet in the field of Entertainment.

Mudasir always wanted to think beyond the traditional choice of jobs and professional life as youth are more inclined towards taking up government jobs. However, he thought on different lines rather than following the same old path. In 2018, he commenced his YouTube channel and started posting different videos.

Talent needs the nourishment of hard work to grow and be showcased perfectly, YouTuber Mudasir Farooq nourished his talent in such a way that today he is having lakhs of people who admire him as their inspiration.

Mudasir always created infotainment content, which includes entrainment as well as information.

“I always cover social issues like drug addicting, Dowry, late marriage, via my videos. I don’t want to waste the time of people as well as mine” he said while interacting with us.

Koshur kalakar is one of the popular youtube channels in Kashmir having more than 50 million views to date and more than 60 million views on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Apart from social media sensation mudasir is a full-time Project Manager of US base photo and video editing company PIXOPAL and sponsored a local cricket team to create awareness about drug addiction and its effects on youth.

Now Mudasir aka koshur kalakar shares the tips of becoming a successful YouTuber and inspiring other youths to do the same which is loved by his subscribers and many other people who watch it. He inspires many by stating that if he can become a successful YouTuber even after belonging to a small village then why not you.

With his years of hard work and unique content, Mudasir Farooq has been awarded by “Comedian of the Year” from north Kashmir.


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