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Foreign citizens are praising police member Alamgir Hossain for helping women in Philippines and Chile.

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Recently, a policeman of Bangladesh named Md. Alamgir Hossain has been praising two women from Philippines and Chile after recovered legal aid and money. He wrote the above on his Facebook wall. He is currently working in the Chittagong Department of Police in Bangladesh. He is a police cybersecurity specialist and cyber police is a humanitarian person.

Always he helps people in danger thinking that he is in danger at a fast pace.

Basically because of working in cyber tribune, many people ask for help from him. On the basis of that, two women from the Philippines and Chile recently asked him for help. He is floating in praise to two foreign women by helping them as much as possible without discriminating anything.

Many people from their country have posted on Facebook praising them.

Melissa Messias, a woman businessman from Chile, a country from South-West of South America, sends 1,30000 (one lakh thirty) thousand taka to buy products from Bangladesh through social media.

Suddenly the price of those products increased at which the woman in Chile wanted to buy from a Bangladeshi businessman. If the matter is informed to that woman, that woman wants her money back instead of buying products at high price. But, Bangladesh businessman Mohammad Sohag could not return the money as there was no means to send money directly from Bangladesh to Chile. The businessman was unable to send money due to the Covid situation.

On the other hand, he wants a refund at any cost without hearing any excuses and he lost trust in the businessman due to delay. He thought the money wouldn’t get back. Without thinking anything, he is the admin of the popular ‘Cyber Tribune’ group on Facebook and cyber crime, police member Md. The woman from Chile appealed to Alamgir Hossain for help and posted a post in a cyber group.

Policeman Alamgir Hossain started working on the issue by realizing the importance of the post and arranged how to quickly send the money to Chile.

A little delayed due to the worsening of the Covid situation in the contemporary times. Sending money to Chile wasn’t an easy task. Because there was no legal way to send money from Bangladesh to Chile. Alamgir later sent money to France through an agency and arranged to send money to Chile from there.

Melisha got 1,30000 (one lakh thirty) thousand taka back from Bangladesh to France sitting in Chile. Alamgir Hossain, a member of the Cyber Tribune Group, thanked Malisha and the police in Bangladesh. Melisa expressed his feelings and feedback on the wall and inbox of Alamgir Hossain’s Facebook post after getting his money back.

Like the above incident, Police member Alamgir Hossain also cooperated with a Filipine woman. A few days ago, a Filipine woman businessman complained to Alamgir Hossain.

Her allegation was that the woman ordered products worth about three lakhs from a Bangladeshi businessman. Bangladeshi businesman give her goods worth of one lakh taka, he is not giving products worth two lakh taka. Because of the Covid situation in Bangladesh and around the world, they were unable to provide products.

After a long time, the woman who complained about not taking any more products cleared and asked to refund her money. But the buesnesman not giving her a refund of about 1,80000 (one lakh eighty) thousand rupees in the case. Danica find alamgir and knocked him and described about her issue.

After receiving the complaint, he started investigating the matter. Alamgir talks to the accused, the accused admits the matter.

Police member Alamgir Hossain promised to send money very soon. But he keeps rolling instead of paying as he said. Later, the police member of the Cyber Tribune Group Alamgir applied pressure to the businessman. Later, very quick businessman returned 1,80000 (one lakh eighty) thousand taka. Danica Thanked the police for getting the money back.

Danica Cadovas personally thanked Police member Alamgir Hossain for his good responsibility.

Police member Md. Alamgir Hossain posted two separate posts on his personal Facebook wall regarding the above incidents and always wants to serve the people.


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