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You will have to do the crap that you don’t wanna do. Nobody will come to push you to study, wake you up to go and exercise. Nobody will come to write your future plan. Nobody will snatch your mobile Or turn off the television to make you prioritise the work and responsibilities its up to you only. These are the thoughts of Mr.Arwaz Khan the top most social media influencer and fitness model of Jhansi when he started his sucess journey at the early age of 19.His sucess is not an overnight achievement but he has worked on himself everyday to polish his talents.

Arwaz Khan the top most social media influencer from Jhansi was born on 31 October 1998. Arwaz is a very enthusiastic, intelligent, charming and a multi talented person. He is a real attest to the phrase “Why fit in the crowd when you were born to stand out. ” Arwaz is among those rare personalities that if you are encountered with him in a crowd still you will be impressed by his irresistibly charming and intelligent personality.

Since childhood Arwaz loved to act, click pictures and to be a strong guy.Arwaz was NCC Commander in school.Though he was an average student till middle school but after that he realised and understood for what he actually strives. Arwaz worked hard and secured good marks from then onwards. He topped in 11 and 12 class and also won the best student title. During his graduation in He participated and won many cultural events. But still managed to top in his semesters and also managed to hit the gym everyday and build his body like a fitness model which is a commendable work. By achieving gold medal for his academics and in the same year winning the title of Mr. Jhansi 2020 he proves that he is an extraordinary unique person and inspires us to work hard and achieve our goals in life.

When at his age youngsters are busy only in their academics Arwaz being an perfectionist and a multi talented and hardworking person topped his academics and also became the topmost social media influencer in Jhansi. Arwaz appeared also on the ramps of Mr India . He has also promoted reputed brands like Dabur, Rapido, Ponds, Naturesure and many more.

Arwaz is a down to earth and very kind person. He loves to visit orphanages and spend time with the orphans there and also make them feel special by offering delicious food and gifts.

Arwaz says “Nothing can be achieved untill you work and earn it” He believes that it takes nothing to stand in the crowd but it takes everything to stand alone. You have to believe in yourself and carve your way to success alone as nobody else will or can do the hardwork of your part. At the time of crisis do not panic or step back but keep yourself calm and find other ways to achieve your goal. Even after a severe elbow injury Arwaz never gave upon himself and didn’t get demotivated but became even more stronger than before as his thirst for success will not be quenched untill he achieve his goals in life.

It is unbelievable and hard to find such extremely unique youngster in today’s world. Hope to see more amazing achievements of Arwaz soon. Arwaz is an inspiration for all. To know more about him you may google ( Arwaz Khan Jhansi) or follow him on Instagram ( ArwazKhan_007).


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