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“Few Pages from the book our lives” by Samar Pratap Singh

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“Few pages from the book of our lives”, the line in a nutshell perfectly describes “7 Sapphires”. The pages that were left unread and unnoticed, well the author has blown the dust off those pages and put them right before us, to ponder, for it may help us reshape our reality. “After all, why to wait for light at the end of the tunnel, let’s lighten up the tunnel itself.”

“7 Sapphires” is a short read comprising of 17 pages. The poems are namely: Freedom to, Let her be neat, Quagmire, You will not fail, The Storyteller, The Rat Race, and The Lens. The author invites the readers bask in the short spell of raining words that will leave the reader drenched in ruminating thoughts. The poems are rhythmic in nature and can be easily comprehended by one and all.

The book was published in January 2021 under Caroling Pen Publications. It embarked a new journey for Samar who by profession is a Systems Programmer, but his creative gene poked him to traverse through the paths of volunteering, theater, public speaking and many more. He is finally strolling through the lanes of literature to pen down his ideas.

His next work titled “Destiny” will soon be published in yearly anthology by Caroling Pen publications titled “Petals 2021”. And he quotes,” Towards new shores, let us sail, don’t anchor yourself, it’s still an unfinished tale”. Chao!

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